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The Sims 4 – More info tidbits from SimGuruGraham

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SimGuruGraham decided to answer some questions about The Sims 4 on Twitter. We summarized all of his tweets into a bullet list:

  • You can delete all the Sims living in the world. The game will continue to randomly generate other Sims that come visit though.
  •  For visitors (townies), the game will first attempt to pull Sims from an editable list of Sims that don’t live in any world before it randomly generates additional Sims. Theoretically you could populate that list with a bunch of your Sims and it would never need to pull in any random Sims as visitors.
  • There’s a little trick you can do in Sims 4 that lets you lock your camera to follow a NPC. It’s fun to do on occasion.
  • Yup the censor grid is making a return. Just small enough to watch your Sim poop while reading their tablet if you’re into that.
  • You can change between multiple outfits at any time, or take your Sim back into CAS to plan new outfits.
  • There isn’t a stylist career in the base game. When you go back into CAS it’s just for changing things like clothes, makeup, etc.
  • Moodlets are back – they help you understand why your Sim is in a particular emotion. They aren’t strictly positive/negative now.
  • Wishes are gone. They’ve been replaced with Whims (similar concept, but a bit more fleeting and moment to moment than a wish).
  •  There are no “neutral” moodlets; every moodlet contributes to an emotion. When Sims have their needs get low for example, they get moodlets that push them into the uncomfortable emotion. The traditional need bars are there as well.
  • The main difference is you don’t promise a whim to a Sim. They naturally come and go based on what you’re currently doing, so they help provide some direction and give you more ideas about what additional possibilities there are for your Sim.
  • And for longer term life direction, there are now aspirations instead of lifetime wishes. Aspirations provide more steps along the way rather than one ultimate goal, and you can change your aspiration to something else anytime you like.
  • You can’t lock a whim.


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