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“There Goes The Neighborhood”- More On Building.

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After reading yesterdays post from, I have learned a few new things about what we can expect from The Sims 4. The major thing that stood out to me was the new building options. Remember how in The Sims 3 you have to go to a separate window to download houses or lots built by other players, known as The Exchange? Well, according to there will be an in-game browser that will allow the player to search for player made content and the drag and drop into the game. The user will also have the option to choose single rooms, furnished and unfurnished, instead of the whole lot. This greatly intrigues me as an avid builder in The Sims games.

Of course, there is the previously stated news that you can grab, drag, and drop whole rooms. Instead of the more unconventional choice of destroying and rebuilding option.

I am greatly looking forward to building in The Sims 4. It seems as though the creators have really upped their game and made changes that are worth it, to build mode.

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