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IGN Interview With Graham Nardone – CAS Genetics Tool


IGN recently released a video with @Leahbjackson  interviewing @SimGuruGraham about the genetics tool in CAS.

In CAS the genetics tool is located under Add A Sim>Genetics Tool.


The genetics panel is very simple to use. Everything is in plain view and easy to maneuver.

Genetics PanelFirst and for most, we have 3 choices on how we want to play with genetics. Do we want to make a child or children? Maybe we would rather have our parents join our family! Or, we could add a sibling or two, maybe even a twin? Making any of these sims is as easy as choosing the correct selection from the drop down menu.


When making a child for your current sim you can choose to make a child or a teen sim.

GeneticsTeenCreating a child from your current sim can happen many ways. You can choose to use only your sim, you can add in another sim, whether it be from your family or another sim in the game, or you can have the game randomize an unknown sim. No matter which way you choose to make a child sim, it will retain the aspects of your current sim.

Another piece of info about retaining aspects is, if you choose to work on a legacy family, you will continuously see aspects from sims in your family moving down the line of new sims. Graham says they really focused on the legacy part of the game for the genetics, as well as having babies in-game.

Aside from making a child sim you can make sibling sims, as noted above. I really enjoyed this option because, it makes CAS a lot faster when making a sibling only household. You don’t have to go in and add a copy and then tweak to your desire. You can simply click Add Sim> genetics Tool> Sibling.


Here in the sibling choice you have many options. Child sibling, elder sibling, same age sibling… But what stood out to me the most was making a twin sibling. You simply click “Randomize Twin” and the game generates a sim that looks very similar to your sim with very little effort of your part!


Of course with all of these choices you can go in and randomize to your hearts content. You can randomize all parts of a sim, or only a few.


You also have the freedom to go in and customize your sim the same way you would if you created him or her from scratch.

So, now that you have created these new sims, what happens to them? They enter your household, like any other sim you create. You are free to do with them as you please….within reason, of course.

So, the genetics tool has a lot to offer, and will make from some great and diverse game play. You might want to start planning simmers!


(IGNs Interview)




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