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The Sims 4 – ShackNews interviews SimGuruAzure (New Info)


ShackNews interviewed SimGuruAzure during E3. She revealed some cool new info and shared a really funny story that happened to her sims in The Sims 4!

Facts from the interview:

  • Players can create memories by taking screenshots and their Sims can then go back and reminisce on them causing them to feel the same emotions as they did at the time 
  • Sims uploaded to The Gallery will not keep memories but will keep careers and skills
  • There is a music related skill.
  • A smelly room/Sim can cause a moodlet that pushes your Sim to an uncomfortable emotion
  • If good Sims are around evil Sims, it can make the good Sim feel sad
  • Evil Sims get positive emotions from things that normal Sims would get negative emotions from
  • The Grim Reaper can catch on fire, but cannot die


Thanks SimNation for collecting the facts!

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