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The Sims 4 – Tidbits from @SimGuruGrant



Here is a list of @SimGuruGrants tweets about The Sims 4.

  • Will there be houseboats in the base game, I saw a moving boat in the trailer.

o   No.

  • Will there be cacti and dinosaurs in Willow Creek?

o   No.

  • Are the traits shown in the CAS videos all we’ll get in the base game, or are there plans for more?

o   Many of the Traits in the game aren’t in CAS. You earn them in Live mode.

  • Do Sims with the Loves Outdoors trait have advantages when it comes to gardening?

o   Somewhat. They are happier when they are outside, and therefore, they do things better.

  • Are favorites included in the game? Or is that not your department?

o   We do not have favorites.

  • Are sims harder to keep alive now? Like sims 1 sort of, or did you just decide to play with a dif family?

o   Our tuning is most similar to The Sims 3. I just play with different families every day.

  • Will the sims be able to lean on chairs or sit on the arms of the chairs? Like they do in the renders?

o   The Sims in The Sims 4 use chairs and objects much like they have in previous games.

  • Can sims be more attractive if they’re wearing different clothing?

o   In your story, yes. But, we don’t have a game feature that determines attractiveness.

  • Grant, will kid and teens need a backpack to go to school?

o   No.

  • So your Sims develop a more refined personality through their actions?

o   I wouldn’t say that. We’ve sorta split the notion of WHO you are (personality) versus WHAT you know.

  • Are there any skill related challenges?

o   Aspirations are deeply tied to skills (well, some of them).

  • Is the music directory from The Sims 2 making a return? Like, adding music to Nhood Or Build and Buy mode?

o   Not currently in the game.

  • We can still listen to TS4 Music whenever we want in the Options Menu like we did in TS2 and TS3, right?

o   I’m doing just that right now.

  • What other careers (except culinary) are in TheSims4?

o   Many! We can’t spoil all the fun.

  • Do they have different qualities still? (Seeds, fruits, veggies, etc.)

o   It’s true, we do.

  • What about a The Sims 4 Demo? EA Brazil confirmed it. Can you say something more?

o   Can’t talk about it.

  • Did you have to order them? (Seeds)

o   There are multiple ways to get them.

  • Create multiple families in the same town. Interacting between them. No need to start a new city for a new family.

o   You can absolutely do that.

  • Will the the sims will be able to buy different cell phones?

o   No.

  • So the tutorial will have you visit CAS to make a SIM? Rather than a premade?

o   You play the tutorial with YOUR Sims that YOU create.

  • Can we talk about cars? How sims will interact with them?

o   No, we can’t talk about cars. Sorry.

Please Note: This list will be updated as soon as we get more tweets.

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