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The Sims 4 – SteelSeries Peripherals Preview


With The Sims being the biggest franchise of all time, it’s no wonder that SteelSeries and The Sims Team decided to co-operate in creating Peripherals for The Sims’ brand new sequel.

SteelSeries sent us a package that includes 2x of The Sims 4 Headset, The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse and The Sims 4 QCK Mouse Pad for us to give away and enjoy in as well.


Please note:

  • These Peripherals are not available for Pre-Order for now.
  • They will be available for purchase once The Sims 4 comes out (September 2nd).
  • They will be available worldwide (Online, no confirmation about purchasing in Retail Stores).
  • Changing illumination of the Plumbob on Mouse and Headset using SteelSeries Engine 3 is not yet available. SteelSeries Engine 3 will be updated with TS4 Peripherals once we’re closer to The Sims 4’s release date.
  • Gaming Headset and Gaming Mouse illumination won’t change depending on your Sim’s mood in The Sims 3. This only works with Sim’s emotions in The Sims 4. You’ll be able to change colors for different games and programs once SteelSeries Engine 3 gets an update though.


The Sims 4 Headset – $39.99/€39.99

These headsets have the best sound quality I’ve ever heard (and believe me, I’ve owned over 5 Headsets and 10 pairs of Ear Buds). They’re comfortable and adjustable for your ears (doesn’t matter if you have big or small ears). You can extend the lenght of this Headset for 3cm each (making it 6 cm).

Best way I can describe the sound is that it’s 3-dimensional. This means that sounds in a song who have small decibels will have a small volume, while sounds with bigger decibels will have a bigger volume.

Here’s a comparsion between usual Headphones and The Sims 4 Headphones:


What I also like about this Headset is that The Microphone is almost unnoticeable, and the sound of your voice can still be heard in high quality.

This is the audio I recorded using TS4 SteelSeries Headset Microphone:


– Great Sound Quality!
– 3D Effect.
– Crystal Clear Microphone Sound!


– Others can hear what you’re listening to if your volume is higher than 50%.


steel4 steel5 steel3 steel2 steel11 steel12 steel13 steel1

The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse – $29.99/€29.99

Simple, elegant and handy are the words I can use to describe The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse. As a person who uses Photoshop and programs that require accuracy, this Gaming Mouse fits perfectly for me.

Buttons on the left side of this Mouse function as Next (upper button) and Previous (lower button). So far they function on Google Chrome when switching through websites you browsed in 1 tab and iTunes when switching songs. I’m not sure how these Next and Previous buttons work on other softwares.

You can also click on the Plumbob as well! I’m not sure why does it perform the ”N” letter function when clicked, but you’ll be able to change that using SteelSeries Engine 3.


– Smooth on every surface.

– Accurate.

– 6 Buttons.




steel6 steel7 steel8 steel10

The Sims 4 QCK Mouse Pad ($14.99/€14.99)


This Mouse Pad is really large! It’s width is 32cm, lenght is 27cm and it’s only 2mm thick.

The upper part is smooth for any mouse you use and the bottom part has a QCK material that won’t let the Mouse Pad slip away.


– Really Large.

– QCK Material.




steel15 steel14

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