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The Sims 4 – Radio Stations & Song Names

The Sims 4  Stories Official Gameplay Trailer 074

The Sims 4_ Stories Official Gameplay Trailer 074

The Sims Wire found a script in The Sims 4 CAS Demo files that includes names of The Sims 4 Base Game Soundtrack and Radio Stations.


Please note that this list may not be final!


60 Cyclist – Tokiboo

AN21 and Max Vangeli – Real People

Jacob Plant Featuring Annaca – Reach You

Theory – Frozen

Overwerk – Pressure


Jace Jupiter – Obrayzow

Kari Kimmel – Who I Am

Roman Holloway – Vanity

Wri Gaddison – Again and Again

Bella Red – Believe in Me


Edie Bridgeford – Zumbray

Joshua Radin – Love In Your Eyes

Juan Lonesome Crane – Never Be Lonely

Skarr – Iffen Dona Bin Gau

Lyle Hampton and the Hollars – Love is True


Chachi and the Chinchillas – Shoby Nye

Ekin – Fawna Benna Slo

The New Saga – In my  Head

The Skoddarings – You’re The One that I want

The Persimmon Confidental – Dobie Boppsie Barm


Amber Revival – NooBoo Neeb

Ben Ward – Cell Hafta No Hast

Blind Snorty Warhorse – Gee Manray

Captive – High Headed Woman

Cys Matters – That Evil

Luther Lecriox – I’m Gone


Ilan Eshkeri – Argument for Violin and Cello

Ilan Eshkeri – Caprice 1

Ilan Eshkeri – Caprice 2

Ilan Eshkeri – Ostinato for Clarinet

Ilan Eshkeri – Piano Nocturne

Ilan Eshkeri – Passacaglia for Viola and Cello

Sim Retro:

Chartlon Pettus – Mayzie Grobe

Jerry Martin – Cascade Bubbler

Jerry Martin – Frolicking Wind Dancer

Marc Russo – Sim Neighborhood

Mar Russo – SimBuy

Mark Mothersbaugh – Makeover

Mark Mothersbaugh – Sims 2 Theme

Marh Mothersbaugh – Sims 2 Uni Theme

Mark Mothersbaugh  – Simstation

Steve Jablonsky – Consumerism Simplified

Steve Jablonsky  – Sims 3 Theme

Steve Jablonsky – Universal Lobby

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