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The Sims 4 – SimGuruMarion confirms a 2nd World!

The Sims 4_ Leaked Video Compilation (Beta Dev Footage) 0355

SimGuruMarion confirmed on Twitter that the second world for The Sims 4 is a desert town.


We don’t know will there be more worlds besides Willow Creek and the recently confirmed desert town, but we’ll let you know once  new updates arrive.

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    • It was never confirmed by EA. The desert world screens that leaked several weeks ago could’ve been a scraped project.
      At least we have an official confirmation now.

  • Ooo! I’m actually pretty excited they picked a desert world for the second one. I’m guessing since Lucky Palms for the Sims 3 was pretty successful they probably thought it’d be fitting to have a desert world for Sims 4 :D :yes: