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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight : Week 2

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After a hectic week with the wave of news coming from the Sims 4 Creator’s Camp, things have calmed down a little bit and I’m able to bring you the Sims 4 Gallery picks from this week! Behold! The hotties!



Sophia Benet by LigiaGigli

This lovely lady is Sophia Benet, she initially caught my eye because of her beautiful, what I call, mermaid blue hair (a blue with a teal-ish sheen). She’s quite the gal, she is Ambitious, a Music Lover, and rather Evil. Woah! Watch out for this one! She also aspires to become a musical genius, what do you think? Are you going to let Sophia live her dream or will her evil side take over?


Derick Smith by kaiomaced

Next, I chose this piece of eye candy, Derick Smith, there was something about his rugged look that made me want to know more about him. This guy is Active and, imagine that, he’s a Bro. Wait, what’s that? It seems like he’s also Insane. That is quite the combo if you ask me. He also has the Bodybuilder aspiration and from the looks of it he’s well on his way. What do you think about Derick?


Katy Perry by McFLYnamite

With the last gallery someone suggested that I look up some celebrities and the first that popped into my mind was Katy Perry. (I might have been looking at my copy of Showtime, at the time.) So I took to The Gallery and checked out the swarm of Katy Perry sims and happened upon this one. She’s a Romantic, a Music Lover and Good and she has the aspiration to be Fabulously Wealthy. I think McFLYnamite did a good job, I can really see the resemblance! How about you?


Vanilla and Jeff Mocca by Jeckyjellybean

I honestly did a double take when I scrolled over these two Sims on The Gallery, possibly because Jeff was in his undies when I initially saw them, I was nice enough to give him some clothes so he wouldn’t catch cold. Anyway, this household is pretty hot, if you ask me. Vanilla has wonderful curves and she’s a GoodMaterialistic and Romantic Sim and aspires to be  a Mansion Baron.  Jeff on the other hand is a bit more simple, he’s a Bro who is Active and a bit of a Slob, he wants to be a Bodybuilder and I think he already is one! A nice looking pair of Sims we have here.

I’m keeping an eye out for next week’s Sims for the Gallery Spotlight, but give me some suggestions on what you’d like to see!

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