The Sims 4

Reminder: 2 weeks until The Sims 4 releases!



We are less than 14 days away until The Sims 4 hits shelves at retail stores and unlocks doors on Origin in United States. The game releases on 4th of September in EU an Australia and on 5th of September in United Kingdom.

Make sure you prepare your PC for this game, clean all the unnecessary stuff (also use CCleaner, it really helps), upgrade your Computer in case it doesn’t meet the minimum System Requirements.

If you haven’t made your decision should you get this game or not, check out our The Sims 4 Review with some comparison to The Sims 3. If you like video games with highly detailed customization options, this game may not be for you, but at least the modding community has a much bigger support and people already created dozen of Custom Content for TS4

If you say yes to The Sims 4, scroll down on our Home Page where you can see details about all 4 editions of this game that are currently available.

If you have any more questions about the game, price, where to Pre-Order and similar, feel free to ask us in the comment section below!

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