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The Sims 4 Tutorial: The VooDoo Doll

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The VooDoo Doll is a special interactive object that comes with The Sims 4. Although it cannot be purchased through the Build Mode, there are 3 other ways to find it/unlock it.

The first way to find this Doll is to dig, dig and dig! Some Neighborhoods have certain rocks that have a ”Dig” interaction on them. The chances to find this doll by digging are very small, but it’s worth a shot!

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The second way to find this Doll is to fish at 2 secret Neighborhoods and those are Sylvan Glades and Forgotten Grotto. Unlocking those 2 Neighborhoods is a very difficult task, and you may not always find a VooDoo Doll by fishing.

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The third, most easiest way to find the VooDoo Doll is to level up your Mischief Skill to Level 3. You can do so by doing mischievous interactions towards other Sims and objects.

After you’ve leveled up, click on the Computer and select Order > Purchase VooDoo Doll. You can purchase more than more 1 Doll if you’d like to bind them to more than 1 Sim!

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Your VooDoo Doll(s) will appear in your Sim’s inventory. You’ll first need to bind the Doll to a nearby Sim (must be on the same lot).

Before you start using the VooDoo Doll, please notice that you can bind Teens, Young Adults, Adults & Elders. Babies and Children cannot use it or be binded by it.

Sims with lower Mischief Skill might not succeed in binding on first attempt, but you can always try and be persistent!

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You’ll know that your Sim has successfully binded their Sim with a VooDoo Doll if you receive a notification about it + if you get the ”You Do the VooDoo” Moodlet (makes your Sim Confident).

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Here’s which interactions you can do to the VooDoo Doll that will affect a binded Sim:

Summon – This interaction allows you to summon a binded Sim – whether they’re in the same Neighborhood you’re in or not!

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Frolic (Mischief Skill Level 1) – This interaction will give a binded Sim the Playful Emotion.

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Poke (Mischief Skill Level 1) – This interaction will give a binded Sim the Angry Emotion.

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Tickle (Mischief Skill Level 3) – This interaction will give a binded Sim the Uncomfortable Emotion.

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Soak (Mischief Skill Level 5) – This interaction will give a binded Sim the Dazed Emotion.

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Cuddle (Charisma Skill Level 2) – This interaction will give a binded Sim the Flirty Emotion.

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Sims who have a low Mischief Skill and/or use the VooDoo Doll way too often might get backfired by the doll and receive negative Moodlets and Emotions.

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Backfire: Sim who’s in control of the VooDoo Doll will get this Moodlet and an Uncomfortable Emotion (Poke, Soak and Tickle interactions).

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Fizzle: Sim who’s in control of the VooDoo Doll will get this Moodlet and a Sad Emotion (Frolic and Cuddle interactions).

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To unbind a Sim from the doll, your Sim will need to be at the 5th Level of Mischief Skill (or higher). Click on your Sim’s inventory, find the VooDoo Doll and select ”unbind”.

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