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The Sims 4 Game Update (21/10/14)


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Update: 10/21/2014 – Version 1.0.797.20

Hello Simmers, readers of patch notes, and other developers who just happen to be searching the internet for examples of how other teams are writing up their release notes!

We had a few issues we felt needed to be addressed sooner rather than later, and have tackled them in today’s patch! Many of these issues were brought forth by the community through the forums. We thank you for your efforts, your posts, and your focus in helping us create a better experience with The Sims 4.

Some bugs you might be keen to know were fixed: The “Eye and jaw width looks funky” bug! The “I can’t get married if my fiancé died” issue! And the “My Sims can’t age up anymore” bug.

The other issues which we have fixed are detailed below, and we are always dedicated to fixing performance and gameplay blocking issues in order to provide the best gaming experience possible. Please keep posting on the forums. We do read them and we are tracking issues that you are finding.  Thank you!

Crashes / Performance

  • Fixed an issue where the game could enter into an infinite load after all Sims in a household had died.
  • Fixed a performance issue resulting in too many hidden Sims being created for “just in case” scenarios. Resulting in a large number of Sims being loaded that were not needed.
  • Scrolling left in the Memory timeline will no longer freeze your game. Yea… we just… don’t ask…
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by placing a Sim from the gallery into multiple households that could result in either simply causing the appearance to revert to the original Sims appearance, or could cause the household to become unplayable.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the player being unable to place a Room from the Gallery if the room had been uploaded with a single plate of food.


  • Fixed an appearance issue that caused Sims to incorrectly appear with small eyes and wide jaws on age up. This was a result of a modifier value being improperly ignored for one age group, that resulted in the value being incorrectly applied, and was exacerbated if a Sim moved into or out of that age group.
  • The grieving period is over… Sims can now attempt to marry again if their fiancé has died.
  • Players can once again tell their Sim to age up with a cake, regardless of the Auto Age setting. On a side note, I feel strongly as though I should have used the word irregardless, if only to anger my co-workers who contend that the word is not a word. I feel however, that it is a perfectly fine word, irregardless of their feelings.
  • Fixed an issue where Widows and Widowers were not being properly given their relationship status as Widows and Widowers.
  • Sims made from the same Gallery Sim will now properly populate the world as desired, rather than secretly kill off their clones before moving into the world.
  • Fixed an issue where Ambrosia was “sort of” allowing itself to be copied in Build Mode, however, while it was charging full price for the copy, it was only delivering an empty plate with FX.
  • Resurrected Ghosts by way of Ambrosia, will properly age up upon their return to the land of the living… which is unfortunate because they are just going to die again.
  • Fixed an issue with the Throw 5 Parties goal not counting thrown parties correctly, making it impossible to throw a party that would satisfy the Throw 5 Parties goal. We have thrown together a few lines of code, talked to all parties involved, and verified that it is once again possible to throw a party that satisfies the Throw 5 Parties goal.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Ghosts from showing up as valid targets in some Sim Picker dialogs, such as Write Love Email or Send Spam Money Request to.
  • Teens can now write Love Emails to other Teens.
  • Ghostly Repair will now satisfy the Repair an Object whim.
  • Added a venue wall speaker for the Spooky station into the debug catalog.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a Sim to attempt to repair a working shower, if the broken shower was on the 2nd floor.

UI / Text

  • Manage households will no longer show empty households as a result of Sims dying from old age.
  • Fixed an improper string update which resulted in the 1st goal of the Writing aspiration informing you that you should “Read 1 Book at the Library,” rather than the correct goal of “Beat Writer’s Block”. Odd that the writing aspiration had an error in the text.

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