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The Sims 4 Tutorial: Making Memories

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Making Memories in The Sims 4 is simple as pressing the C button on your keyboard. Well, maybe not that simple…

After taking a Screenshot in The Sims 4 (with the C keyboard button), click on the Camera Controls button on the top right corner and select ”Memories & Pictures” option. You’ll get a panel of all the Memories of your Sim, but since you probably don’t have any Memory in there, you’ll need to import one. To do so, click the ”View Screenshots” option on the bottom right corner.

Click on a Screenshot that you want to use as a Memory and select the circled icon that says ”Click here to make this screenshot a memory for all selected Sims”.

Note: only Sims who are inside the Screenshot can make that certain Screenshot a memory and can reminisce about it!

After you’ve done that, go back to your Memory panel and select the Memory you imported. To reminisce about that Memory, you’ll need to select  type of that Memory (which Emotion should trigger; Angry, Embarrassing, Confident, Romantic, Sad, Happy)

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After you’ve set that, you can finally throw back to the past! Each Memory gives your Sim a +1 worth of Emotional Buff (doesn’t matter which Emotion). You can do so by clicking on a Memory and selecting the cloud icon that says ”Reminisce about this Memory”.

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