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SimCity Update: Transfer Cities/Regions from Multiplayer to Single-Player


SimCity team has released a brand new Patch that lets you transfer your Cities/Regions from your Multiplayer saved game to your Single-Player game!

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Update 10.3 is available now. This update adds the ability to transfer your Regions and Cities from the game servers to Single-Player for Offline play. To get the update simply restart SimCity.

How to transfer your Cities to Single-Player

  • Launch SimCity and connect to the game server
  • On the Main Menu select the PLAY tab
  • You will be taken to the Region select screen where you will see the Regions you have created on the server
  • Select a Region which contains a city you want to take to Single-Player
  • You will be taken to the games Region View
  • You will see a “Transfer Region” button, click this button to start the transfer process from Multiplayer to Single-Player
  • Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a notification of completion
  • Click OK
  • You will be returned to the Region select screen where you can continue to transfer additional Regions and Cities to Single-Player

You can also do this by highlighting your Region after selecting PLAY from the Main Menu. A “Transfer Region” button will appear. Clicking the button will commence the transfer process.


  • The whole Region and its Cities will be transferred for use in Single-Player
  • You will automatically become Mayor of cities within the Region unless it contains content you do not currently own.

– If this is the situation you will be able to visit the city which uses the content.
– The city will continue to trade and simulate automatically at the same rate it had when on the game server.

  • If you purchase additional content after transferring a region you may be able to claim cities using additional content, simply load any city in your region that you control, the next time you return to the Region Overview screen if you own the same or more content than the visited city you will be assigned control of the city.
  • The file size of the download can vary depending on the number of Cities in the Region. Each city has an approximate file size of 1MB.
  • Once you have transferred your region from Multiplayer to Single-Player, your Cities in that Region will be abandoned. Other players in your Region will be able to continue online in Multiplayer or also opt to transfer to Single-Player at a later time.
  • When you transfer a City to Single-Player, the most recent Region that was transferred will appear in the top left slot of your save games.

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