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Outdoor Retreat: Sims who should totally visit Granite Falls!



Should your Sim visit Granite Falls?

If there’s one thing you can learn from Granite Falls, it’s that the vast wilderness is not for every sim. Where some see natural beauty, fresh air, and creative solitude, others see dirt, bugs, and a whole lot of rocks. Did I mention bugs? Just look at those bathrooms.


Granite Falls does, however, offer plenty of opportunities for those willing to rough it in the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows, singing by the campfire – these are great experiences for all types of sims.  But the real charm of the forest is just that, the forest. Obviously, sims with the outdoor enthusiast aspiration are perfect for extended stays in Granite Falls, but what other sims could benefit from some time away?

Here’s a list of sims that shouldn’t pass up a trip to Granite Falls:



What type of fisherman or woman doesn’t love the outdoors? That’s what it’s all about. Becoming one with nature. Living off the land. Catching the perfect trophy to show off their adventures or having an excellent story to tell those back home. “I swear, just as I was about to pull it out of the water, that darn mountain lionfish jumped right off the line!”

Granite Falls is home to five new types of fish from walleyes to blue crawdads. Sims with the Angler’s Tranquility trait will feel right at home among the various fishing spots located throughout the forest. The waterfall is the perfect place to cast out and unwind.

Afterwards they can enjoy the one-of-a-kind taste of fresh fish grilled over an open flame. Hopefully they don’t attract any bears.

Squeamish sims should avoid baiting their lines with worms at all costs. They should avoid touching the fish as well. On second thought, squeamish sims should probably avoid fishing all-together.



If plants are your sim’s life, a trip to granite Falls can unlock some pretty special bonuses. Not only do they have 10 new plants to discover, but they also have a new, closely related skill they can build – herbalism.

Herbalism is for the more daring and adventurous sims, as there is some risk involved. Scattered across Granite Falls are plants previously unknown to even the smartest of green thumbs. While the most skilled gardeners won’t be able to identify what these plants are on their first encounter, that doesn’t mean they can’t try. And when in doubt, try it out. Go ahead, have them chomp away at that fresh berry they just picked off a bush. In a few hours compare the symptoms to those in the handy-dandy forest guidebook. Feeling itchy? Congrats on the poison fireleaf find. Feeling tense? Toxic chamomile. Hopefully they didn’t eat too much of it.

But don’t let the uncomfortable side-effects run them out of the woods. Once they get a hang of which plant is which, they can cook up some pretty special concoctions. Soothing skin balm, for instance, relieves any burning feeling they might have. Because what sim hasn’t caught themselves on fire once or twice before?



As previously mentioned, Granite Falls is bug infested. Not only do your sims have to deal with the bathroom flies and swarms of mosquitos, but they have 21 different species of insects to keep an eye out for.

Although, not all need to feared. Some should be scoped out for their beauty… or value. The rare dragon dragonfly sells for a whopping $480 simoleons. Sure, that might be chump change for a Landgraab, but it’s no laughing matter for a dedicated collector.

Forewarning – collecting bugs isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires hard work, perseverence, and plenty of time. Different species come out at different points throughout the day and night, so don’t think you’re in for a little traipse through the forest with your sims.

Sims also need to watch out for the more dangerous insects because bug bites are no laughing matter. Keep in mind, a friend with the herbalism skill can do wonders allieviating even the worst of those bites or stings.

While these are the types of sims best fit for a vacation to the middle of nowhere, they’re not the only ones who should spend some time living “off the grid.” The quiet solitude of the forest is perfect for any loner sims looking to get away from… well… everyone. And it goes without saying, but sims that love the outdoors will clearly love everything Granite Falls has to offer. A trip to a cabin would also be great inspiration for the artistically inclined sims whether they be painters, sculptors, musicians, or writers. It’s the perfect trip to clear the head and gather new ideas.

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