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Outdoor Retreat: Your Vacation Has Ended


Your Vacation Has Ended


It’s your final night in Granite Falls. What will you do now? The answer is actually quite simple.

You bring the forest with you.

That is, if you even decide to leave in the first place. If you’ve got the cash, you can continue extending your vacation indefinitely to the point that returning home would feel like the vacation. So don’t worry about rushing that bug collection of yours, or snagging every fish, or identifying every plant. If you’ve got the simoleons, you’ve got the time.


For those who do return home, whatever the reason may be, thankfully the phrase, “take only pictures, leave only footprints” doesn’t apply to your trips to Granite Falls. Here are some ways you can enjoy the beauty of nature back home.

Display Your Trip


Go ahead, brag about that awesome mountain lionfish you hooked under the depths of the waterfall. Whether you mount it or make a pet out of it, you’ll never forget that day you caught it. And you shouldn’t.

Are you more of a bug person? Fill your house with more insects than anyone is comfortable living with. Even you. You earned that right when you spent countless days and nights hunting them.

A house can finally be a home for nature lovers.

Bring Nature To You


You survived a trip to the wilderness, that doesn’t mean you want to do it again. So instead, bring the plants to you. There are plenty of perks in growing Granite Fall’s foliage at your home.

  • Diverse gardens always look the best.
  • You’ll always have access to the herbalism plants.
  • Nasty neighbor? Harvest a fresh noxious elderberry from them.

Having these plants in your backyard is much more convenient than having to plan an entire vacation to harvest some whenever the need arises. No one has the time for that. And have you seen your bills lately? No one has the money either.

But be careful when transferring the plants from one area to another. These plants aren’t just pretty. For instance, you don’t want to break out in a rash from the poison fireleaf.

Enjoy a Backyard Staycation


Sick of the dusty, musty indoors and need a breath of fresh air? Too broke to afford a vacation? Work breathing down your neck but the outdoors is whispering in your ear? Not a problem.

Unpack your tent and fill the coolers, it’s staycation time.

Not only is camping in your backyard a great experience, it’s the perfect introduction to the outdoors for children, city folk, and the squeamish indoorsy types. If you set up your backyard to reflect the absolute perfect camping trip, who knows what types of sims you’ll get to come with you on your next excursion to the wilderness.

The greatest part about a staycation? No bear scares.

Hopefully now you won’t be too bummed about your vacation ending because you realize the trip is never truly over. Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t still count down the days until your next trip. Nothing at home can beat the true camping experience.

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