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The Sims 4 Tutorial: Basements – Tips & Tricks

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Probably one of the biggest feature in The Sims 4’s second March Update are the Basements.

Basements allow you to go 2 Stories deep into the ground and build Rooms and Pools inside!

To begin building Basements, head into the Build Mode and select the Walls and Empty Rooms section. You can also just search for the Basements tool using the Search feature.

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Add stairs so you can connect the ground level with the Basement.


  • Basements function just like Rooms. You can move, rotate and push & pull the basement rooms.
  • Make sure you light up the Basement before decorating it!
  • Pools can only be added on the first underground level, but in the second underground level you’re able to add windows on the Pool walls which allows you to create a really cool Pool Lounge!

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Basements are not just for secret lairs and hidden rooms. You can remove the ceiling by clicking the Basement Room, going up to the Upper Level, selecting the yellow layer around the Room and clicking Remove Ceiling.

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This trick also applies for the 2nd underground level, although after you follow all of these steps above you also need to use the Sledgehammer Tool and remove the Ceiling of the 2nd Basement level.

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Basements don’t have to be built exclusively using the Basements Tool. You can go down to the underground level and simply plop some pre-built Rooms. Make sure you add Stairs after you’re done!

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If you have any more Tips to share, do so in the comment section below!

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