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This Retail Lot filled with Custom Content has been brought to you by missfortunesims!

And here is it, the mfs shop where your sims can buy and wear my clothes in a fashionable and realistic atmosphere 🙂 The store is a 20×20 lot with 5 mannequins and several corners with buyable accessories, bags and perfumes. I also created three dressing rooms, like the ones you see in a real clothing shop!

All the cc I used is included in the download, I also added two .doc files for the credits, with all the links to the cc from other creators and the meshes I recolored. A special thanks to ensimique who helped me to make some recolors for the store!

Installation instructions

  • Put all the cc in your Mods folder

  • Move the blueprints and bpi files in your Tray folder.

  • In game, chose a empty lot, go in build mode and select the store from your gallery. Make sure you selected the “include custom content” option from the gallery filters to see the store. Don’t place the store directly from the scenery or all the cc will be removed!

  • Remember to dress the mannequins with my clothes ;P

Click on the picture below to download this Lot!


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