The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Icons by Sebastian Hyde

Sims4 Icons Unused1

Fun fact: These icons were published back in October 2014, when there was no information about the upcoming Packs. Can you count all the Outdoor Retreat & Get to Work icons down below? 😉

By Sebastian Hyde

Sims4_Icons_1 Sims4_Icons_1B Sims4_Icons_2 Sims4_Icons_2B Sims4_Icons_3 Sims4_Icons_3B Sims4_Icons_4 Sims4_Icons_4B Sims4_Icons_5 Sims4_Icons_5B Sims4_Icons_6 Sims4_Icons_6B Sims4_Icons_7 Sims4_Icons_8 Sims4_Icons_9 Sims4_Icons_BW Sims4_Icons_Unused1 Sims4_Icons_Unused2

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