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The Sims 4 Get to School Mod Pack: Frequently Asked Questions


Since announcing The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack, I’ve received a lot of questions. Here’s a compilation of all the most commonly asked questions, and their answers.

When will the mod be released?

I don’t have an exact release date yet, it just depends how long it takes to complete the mod. Right now, I estimate that it will enter the final test phase by tomorrow and be ready for release around Monday. However, that’s just an estimate. I need to test the mod extensively due to how big it is, plus I’ll also be using that time to set up the information and tutorials, and create a venue list mod that doesn’t require my Ambience mod.

Also note: the gurus on Twitter have changed to BatGnome avatars, hinting that there’s a new patch coming soon. It’s unlikely this will interfere with the mod, but there’s always a chance.

Are there teachers or a Teacher active career?

Right now, active schools work pretty much like active careers, where you complete a set of goals. If in the future, we get something like the Podium from The Sims 3 University Life, I might be set up teachers, but there are no promises.

Does this mod require Get to Work and Outdoor Retreat?

You will need Get to Work for the mod to work, as it uses Get to Work’s career system. However, Outdoor Retreat isn’t required – not having Outdoor Retreat only means the mod won’t send your Sim to Granite Falls.

Are there High School Proms?

A fully functional Prom – with invitations, dates and everything – is too complicated for now. I do plan to work a kind of “dance” into the High School (and possibly the Elementary School as well) but it’ll just be a basic event where Sims show up in formal outfits and have different goals, not anything extremely fancy.

What objects are required for school lots?

For the Elementary School, you will need:

  • Activity Tables
  • Computers
  • Violins
  • Science Tables
  • A stereo, for the dance that may be included.

For the High School, you will need:

  • Cooking and/or Baking Equipment (preferably both)
  • Sinks (for the cooking class)
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Easels
  • Woodworking Table
  • Computers
  • Telescopes/Observatories
  • A stereo, for the dance

For gameplay purposes, it’s recommended you organize the lot so it’ll take as little time as possible to move from one object to another.

The cooking/baking class takes place on Monday, and the painting/woodworking class takes place on Thursday. These will be separate from other goals, so it’s not necessary to place them really close to objects from other classes.

Will schools take place on an existing lot in the world or a new hidden lot?

Schools will take place on existing lots in the world, but you can choose where to place it. The mod adds two new venue types, “Elementary School” and “High School”. When it comes time for a Sim to go to school, they will be sent to the venue based on the type.

Will there be school lots up on the gallery?

Yep, I plan to upload school lots to the gallery before I release the mod. You can also build and upload your own school if you prefer.

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Zerbu Tabek

I have an interest in computers and technology, and have been learning programming since I was as young as 12. Years down the line, I learned other coding and programming languages, both used online and offline. Now, I have combined my programming ability with my love of The Sims to become a modder.


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  • Question: How will Homework affect schools? Will you get them at school, and be able to do them or will you get them after school? What if you don’t do your homework?

  • Any chance you can do “play musical instrument” instead of just “play violin”? Perhaps for the future?

  • I downloaded the mod & venue list , but my venue list isn’t showing up for high school or elementary school in my game please help!!
    Thanks so kindly

  • Idk if anyone else has had this problem but after downloading the mod for some reason the venue option isnt in the game or in my mods folder but everything else is? How would i fix that?

  • Hi !
    I have build a school that worked before but then I moved it and now the students keps arrving the same area which was before. Which is a regularisering house now. How can I make them go to the school instead?

  • Hey!
    I wanted to try out ur mod, cause its already gotten a “must have” title in the folder mods.
    But as I placed the school and put some stickers for the guys at the walls, I looked for the podiums of course. But there were no!
    I cant find them, so please help! I also looked for the datas etc, and in the mod folder was the file for the podium (podium.package).
    Rly wanna play this mod, pls help, thanks.

  • I have some problem with kid NPC go to school. It’s pop up to ask me “join” to school but after I click on it, the school event start at my house and all students come to my house. How can I fix this problem, anyone please help?