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It’s our 3rd Spotlight and Mysterious Mr Ryan just got under it! Take it away Ryan!


My Name is Ryan, I am a 22 Year old from the Sussex in the South East of England. I am a classic 22 year old, I enjoy going out with my friends, playing games (Mostly the Sims) working on my PC and spending time with my Girlfriend.

– How did you become a Simmer?

I became a simmer from a very young age when my dad bought himself the original Sims game for PC. From there I fell in love with the building aspect. The prospect of being able to design any shape building I wanted, not having to worry about physics or if something was possible opened a world of designs up. My 8 year old self spent many an evening trying to work out how to build an entire house supported on by a single set of stairs!

As the Sims 2 came out I found myself getting older and having less time to put into the game, although the ideas never stopped, and often I would draw little pictures of concept of houses in the back of my work books (Much to the distress of my Maths Teacher, Sorry Mr Mitchell). When the Sims 3 finally came out, I no longer had the time to play the game and design as much as I would have liked, but I was still able to design every now and again on my girlfriends PC, because she owned every stuff and expansion pack. When I saw the trailer for the Sims 4, the old Sims fire restarted and with the new prospects of the game, updated graphics and new items, my brain became a mess of ideas and possibilities. So Mysterious Mr Ryan was born.

– Tell us a bit about your Channel!

I started my Sims 4 channel back in early September with the first video finally being ready to be released at the very end of September 2014. My first build was a replica of the Sanssouci Palace in Germany, this video had some amazing feedback. I took all the feedback on, and shortly after produced my next build ‘The Knights Citadel’ Which is currently my most viewed video on my channel. Since then I have dabbled with the occasional let’s play, but mostly I build on the sims, with the view of building the most over thought, over designed and over engineered builds humanly possible.


Ryan’s YouTube Channel

– Why do you build and make Videos?

I Build, simply for the love of building in the Sims, and I record videos for a few reasons. I upload every video I make to YouTube, and even build to the gallery, but often people want to know less about the final product and want to know more how to make designs themselves. So with all my builds I try to show off different techniques about my builds and different ideas that people can use in their own builds.

Check out Ryan’s Building Guides!

A Mazing Maze
Black Water Castle
Sanssouci Palace
Lost In Space

– How do you get Ideas for building?

I get my ideas by looking at what other simmers out there have made, if I see a section of a build someone has done, I see potential to do something amazing with, I use it. I also spend many hours looking through google as other builds, or at types of architecture, and finally, I use the world around me. I will often travel down the street and see shape or style, it can range from a whole building, to nothing more than a doorway, but that is sometimes all the spark will need. I will take a little photo on my phone and as soon as I get home (Or sometimes even on napkins in restaurants, needs must and all that) I doodle shapes and floorplans.

iPod Project Salmagundi Project Log Cabin Retreat

– How long does it take you to build and record?

This is a tough one to answer. Every build is very different, and every time I record it honestly depends on how many mistakes I make. It all starts with a design, once I have the design, I begin work on the actual building of it, I have two worlds, a legit world, and a testing world. My legit one is where I actually record, and the testing one consists of all my lots covered in random shapes and floor patterns. I then take screenshots once I am happy and then begin the actual recording. I do the whole record in one take. So if I make any mistakes at all, I assess how big it is and if its too much to edit, I simply bulldoze the lot and start again. The same can be said with my voice overs. They can take me anywhere from 2 to 20+ takes to actually get right, although usually that’s just the opening line and me not being able to say my own name right…

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Thank you Ryan for getting under the Spotlight!

You can check out Ryan’s YouTube Channel HERE and make sure you’re following him on Twitter HERE!

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