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The Sims 4: Rachel Franklin shares a new response about Toddlers



Rachel Franklin, The Sims 4’s Executive Producer, decided to answer some questions about why Simmers still haven’t got Toddlers in The Sims 4 after many months have passed.

The following statement has been taken from Kotaku. You can read their full Article HERE!

As mentioned, there’s nothing more painful than not meeting your players’ expectations. Some players have up to five years of content and experiences in The Sims 3, and we had simply underestimated their passion and loyalty for that game including features such as toddlers. Asking fans to essentially break up with The Sims 3 and start a new relationship without more information was a little naïve. With The Sims 4, we made the decision to focus on fundamental changes to the Sim behaviors such as multitasking, emotions, traits and interactions, and we focused first on the later life states. Toddlers are not simply small Sims, they are a completely separate Sim type, deserving of the same level of investment. We want to do it well. It is something we’re exploring but we don’t currently have more information to share around when or how other than to say our fans will be the first to know.

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