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The Sims 4: SimGuruGraham explains the development timeline



The Sims 4 so far had per one of each 3 Pack types – Game Pack (Outdoor Retreat), Expansion Pack (Get to Work) and a Stuff Pack (Luxury Party). All of these Packs released 8 months after The Sims 4’s release and fans are wondering at what frequency and pace will this game release new Packs and  new content.

@JtcmW: Graham, is there a rough frequency we can expect from stuff packs (like on average we get 2 EPs per year)?

@SimGuruGraham: To me, Sims 4 feels like a different approach to studio/team management and development timelines. Things may change as we learn what players respond best to between SPs/GPs/EPs. I wouldn’t comfortably place a number on a routine cadence of releases at this point while we continue to experiment with different ways to deliver content.

How many Packs do you expect to be released this year?


Thanks PekeSims for the heads up!

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