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The Sims 4 Design Guide: Patio Decor


The Sims 4 Design Guide

Outdoor/Patio Decor Style

With the release of the new stuff pack, Perfect Patio, I was inspired to do a patio decor “room”.  Keep in mind these characteristics when decorating and furnishing your patio!

Make sure seating is in a group setting.  We do not want isolated benches for only two or three Sims to sit and chit chat. We want seating for 8-10 Sims, and those in the hottub too. Make the seating comfortable and welcoming to encourage your visitors to stay a while.

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Add plants and hedges.  You are outside and want to enjoy nature at it’s (almost) fullest.  Plants make the area look alive and fresh.

TS4 2015-06-18 18-36-53-76

Don’t forget a bar or barbeque and, of course, a hot tub and/or pool. A patio should have a ton of stuff for your Sim to relax and be distracted from their daily lives.

TS4 2015-06-18 18-36-41-81

Lastly, I suggest fencing off your patio area.  Keep your neighbours’ prying eyes off your skinny dipping endeavors.  Make your own oasis in your backyard.

TS4 2015-06-18 18-36-08-62

Pick a colour and make it your accent/focus for your patio.  Green, purple, orange, something bright and colourful, almost island-y, are good choices.

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The Sims 4 Perfect Patio stuff pack is only $9.99! Add it to your gameplay to make beautiful patios!

Share your patios with us at Sims Community as well as on my Twitter!

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I am a YouTuber, Sims story teller and wannabe Interior Designer. I love sharing my Sim's stories with the community and tips on how to design your homes quickly and easily. Happy Simming!