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The Sims 4: Mass Effect CC Showcase!


Hey everyone! ‘Tis Luana.

If you’re interested in Mass Effect, then this post is definitely for you!

I have all of the following content installed on my game, so I’m sure it works properly and doesn’t bug out.

I’ll keep this article updated, so stay tuned!

Ashley from Tumblr has managed to pull off an awesome N7 hoodie, resembling the one Commander Shepard wears!





Next up, we have a Garrus Vakarian hoodie made by one of my closest friends, Nick! May the calibrations never end…!



I also found some other nice N7 stuff and even a Volus sculpture!



Hey look, a Mass Relay!



UPDATE 1/12/16

Hey everyone! I found some nice Mass Effect CC on Tumblr today, check it out!

300 Followers Gift: Part 2!I made a rendition of the Mass Effect N7 Hoodie in Sims 4 which there are a few of, however I like to say that “this is my hoodie – there are many like it, but this one is mine”…XD. It’s been detailed as accurate as possible to the game. It also comes as seen above, in two mesh edited types - a slim and an actual game-accurate-ish version. I even threw in an Alliance themed hoodie, as well as a simlish version of the N7 logo in case anyone really wanted to keep it in the spirit of Sims 4.Not feeling the Mass Effect hoodie? Well there’s always the regular version which has numerous color swatches. Which ones you download is totally up to you, though you can enjoy them all the same :D*May possibly make one for females in the future, but for now, I just have the male hoodie.Part 2 out of 2 follower gifts!As usual, enjoy guys :DDownload‘s down here↯  [mediafire↯]| N7 Hoodie Stand Alone | N7 Hoodie Stand Alone [Slim Fit] | Regular Hoodie | Regular Hoodie [Slim Fit] |


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you did, make sure to leave a comment. If you know of more Mass Effect and Dragon Age custom content, let me know! You can also follow me on Twitter, @pringtella. Thanks for reading!

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