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Celebrating Simmers! – The Sims 4 is having a giveaway…

The Sims 4 is looking to further celebrate it’s one year anniversary by having not just one giveaway but TWO GIVEAWAYS! It will run under the hashtag #simmersgiveway and I have included all the details below from Sim Guru Drake if you would like to enter!

The first giveaway will be running from today, Wednesday Sept 2, 2015 and end Friday Sept 4, 2015 where they will be giving away 20 bundles of swag, each bundle may include a The Sims 4 Steelseries headset and a The Sims 4 Get Together shirt.

The second giveaway will start from Saturday Sept 5, 2015 and end Monday Sept 7, 2015 where they will be giving away 20 bundles of swag, each bundle may include a The Sims 4 hardcover moleskine notebook signed by SimGurus, The Sims 4 lanyard, and a The Sims 4 USB flashdrive slap bracelet.

Simply head over to this link here for full details: CELEBRATING OUR SIMMERS – THE SIMS 4 GIVEAWAY

Also be sure to check out the Terms & Conditions here: EA TERMS OF SERVICE

Some fantastic goodies on offer here and its super easy to enter!

Let us know if you are taking part and which of the goodies you like the sound of! Happy Simming!

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I have been playing The Sims since the dawn of its creation and followed its journey to the present day, I am a keen gamer and tech lover and I currently work within the graphic design and web development industry, my other hobbies include cycling, reading and handmade crafts.

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  • Hello my name is Christina im been playing sense sim 2 came out and all the sims sagas my hobbies is skating and exercise and play my video game. Not currently working but my future career is assistant nurse surgeon.. my dream job is my future .so I can support for my family.