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Tutorial: Split-Leveling in The Sims 4



With Sims 4 we lost a tool that – hopefully EA will bring back – let us manipulate our terrain to our hearts content, which resulted in some amazing split-level homes.

“But we don’t have Constrain Floor Elevation!” You say, distressed. 

Fear not, dear Simmer, for there is another way we can simulate a split-level in TS4. This can only be done on the first level of a home because it uses the foundation. I made a cute little bedroom and office nook:

SL 12

Step one, create the room you want to split-level set your foundation height.

SL 01 SL 02

Step two, make a wall dividing the two areas – the one you want to split-level and the one you want to leave foundation height.

SL 03

Step three can go one of two ways. You can:

A) Use the sledgehammer tool to delete the floor:

SL 04 SL 05

B) Select the room, click the floor itself, and then click ‘remove floor’:

SL 06 SL 07 SL 08

And there you have it! Your split level room. You can remove the walls and add stairs now!

Note that the lower portion of your room will no longer be recognized as a room, just walls that meet up. If it isn’t a room, it also means it doesn’t have a roof either. It’s very easy to add one. Just take a simple room preset and place it on the level above.

SL 10 SL 11

Now you have a split-level room and a roof for that room! Split-level to your heart’s content!


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I've been playing The Sims games since 2013, and I absolutely adore them and the community. I've started making my own custom content and sharing it. My hobbies outside the Sims include gaming, sleeping, and browsing Tumblr.

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