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The Sims 4 Challenge Guide: Ultimate Survival


A guide to The Sims 4 Ultimate Survival Challenge

created by ApelsinOriental

Getting started on any type of challenge with the Sims 4 can be daunting to say the least. However, Challenges can help you learn the game mechanics and just how capable your Sims really are.  This is a little know challenge that was written by ApelsinOriental. For this challenge you will need to have Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. Ultimate Survivor Challenge is very fun and really highlights the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack items.

Outdoor Retreat

I recommend you not only thoroughly read the rules of your challenge, but print them or have the webpage with the rules open for easy reference. When you’re ready to begin the Ultimate Survivor challenge you will want to make a new game. To do this click on the plus sign at the top right corner of the main menu in the game. With this challenge you can play it in conjunction with the Runaway Teen challenge or make a new Sim for the challenge. There are of course no use of cheats or mods to aid in the game play advancement or to make Simoleons. Your main goal is to survive and make $50,000 in Simoleons that you will use to build a house. For now you will start out with no real house ( no walls) or electricity. You can’t travel to other areas to collect things only what is accessible from your house by walking. This also means no job all Simoleons are earned from collecting, painting, sculpture, and gardening.

The Setup

Make a new Sim, this will give you the opportunity to use the outfits and hairstyles from Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. You also may want to consider creating an Alien, if you have the Get to Work expansion pack, for a better story telling experience. Such as your Sim was from Sixam and crashed here. As a result they now need to learn to survive. If story telling is apart of how you like to play then by all means get creative.

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When creating your Sim you may want to give them the Loves the Outdoors trait. This will help you as they will be outside throughout the challenge. Giving them the Aspiration of Outdoor Enthusiast may make collecting and fishing helpful as well. This helps when you need to gather items within the area to sell for more Simoleons. Carefully consider the other two traits as well use traits that will compliment the aspiration/trait combo. For more fun go completely opposite with the traits to see what happens. Don’t forget to save your Sim to your library.

When you get into the world you will need to buy and build up the lot Oakenstead, this is a 50 x 50 lot. Unlike the Legacy challenge by Pinstar you cannot just pick a 50 x 50 lot, it must be Oakenstead. This lot has many items that can be harvested and collected, plants, rocks and fish respawn regularly. Sell everything you gather from this area.

“Building” your lot; First bulldoze the lot, you will need to remove everything from this lot. The bulldozer icon is on the toolbar at the top center of the screen. After you have removed all the items, map icon on the toolbar at the top right side of the page. You can also click on the click on the three dots at the top right hand side of the screen and choose Manage Worlds.

09-02-15_1-07 AM

Now you are ready to actually build your area. Buy the cheapest tent, the cheapest toilet, cheapest outdoor shower, and a fire with some chairs. Then buy flowers and trees with your remaining Simoleons. You must spend them all or as close as possible, I ended up with $15 Simoleons.

Once all these items are in place you can begin the challenge, your main goal is to survive and earn $50,000 Simoleons in reserve that you will build a home with. Once you have those funds in reserve and you start to build I would recommend you use the following cheats: bb.showhiddenobjects, bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement, bb.moveobjects to really build a spectacular home, especially if you chose to have an alien as your survivor.

09-02-15_11-53 AM

Well now that you have your challenge set up and ready to play enjoy this gameplay. Relax it’s supposed to be fun, when you have fun with a challenge and realize it isn’t as daunting as you first thought you will want to do more. With the Alien aspect of the Sims 4 you might consider that your Sims home would include a rocket ship to get them home to Sixam. Another great story telling avenue for those who like to play Sims as a story.

09-04-15_12-12 AM

Here is a picture of my sim Esmeralda Xu and her camp site. I chose to block off room areas and make it look like a wilderness area. I also created an area that will be a garden eventually.  Well good luck Simmers and enjoy your challenges.

Happy simming,


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I am a gamer, and stay at home wife. I'm mom to 3 fur-babies. I've owned every Sims since Sims 1 was released in 2000. I live stream Sims 4 on for 3.5 years now. I love Sims 4 challenges.

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