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Supernatural Simmers – Do we desire a touch of Magic in The Sims 4?

Supernatural Simmers - Do we desire a touch of Magic in The Sims 4?

As we approach this time of year with Halloween creeping up on us (see what i did there? – creeping…Halloween?) I noticed that within the community the topic of supernatural sims has started to trend a little, there is something about the end of September leading into October where I always get the urge to play The Sims 3 Supernatural again, and head back to Moonlight Falls for some supernatural adventures, we have of course also heard rumors that a spooky stuff pack could be announced, however I doubt this would be anything on the scale of transforming sims into alternative beings.

Now before I begin I understand that supernatural isn’t for everyone and it also isn’t at the top of the list of priorities for additions in TS4, but I would really love see them at some point incorporate a bit of magic into our sims lives, the additional game play and adventure it added to The Sims 3 made it a very popular expansion, lets take a quick look at some of the ways our sims could transform in TS3 Supernatural:


Fairy - Supernatural

One of my favorites! I loved the addition of wings with different styles and they looked fantastic in both female and male versions, fairies could even shrink and interact with certain objects and who can forget the fairy arboretum lot. Of course they wouldn’t be complete without the addition of fairy dust which was also included!


Vampire - Supernatural

Now these already existed if you had Late Night installed however they were also an addition for supernatural, they had to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun and could even achieve the immortal life reward to stop aging, and of course we all liked to add fangs to our sims in CAS!


Werewolf - Supernatural

A rather hairy bunch but extremely useful if you were looking to collect things such as gems, insects or metals as they had a special sense for these items, they would also go into full werewolf mode whenever there was a full moon, they could then bite other sims who would then go on to become werewolves as a result!


Witch - Supernatural

Another one of my favorites, I would really love to see these back in TS4, we had the flying brooms which looked incredibly fun in the Broom Arena, spells which could be used for good or evil and these included curses. They could transform collectibles and even upgrade objects, also does anyone remember the magical wardrobe?


Zombie - Supernatural

If you bought the limited edition of supernatural they teamed up with Plants VS Zombies to make having zombies simply epic with the added peashooter plant! They were pretty much your typical zombie biting other sims who would as a result also become zombies. They mainly moved around annoying sims and you needed to put up fences and gates to keep them out!


So whilst I am reminiscing about TS3 supernatural I just wanted to list a couple of mystical and magical extras that came as part of this superb expansion, if we have any supernatural simmers out there you can also leave a comment below stating your most loved features too:

  • Bonehilda! – A very creepy maid which could be hired by a sim and scare other sims, you could even purchase Bonehilda’s very own living quarters.
  • Fortune Teller Career – I loved the gypsy caravan lot and the way fortune telling sims could also become scam artists and earn a fair bit of money in doing so!
  • The Flying Vacuum – If nothing else I just found this incredibly amusing to see a sim flying around on a vacuum cleaner!
  • Traits – I loved some of the new traits, in particular how a sim could opt to be a supernatural fan or skeptic and even a night owl.

So let’s get back to the question, are supernatural simmers desiring a touch of magic in The Sims 4? Well I definitely think the positive response from TS3 supernatural has opened up an opportunity for something similar to be developed in TS4, as I said earlier its not a major priority for most simmers but it’s certainly something we think about at this time of year, and perhaps some of us return to TS3 to enjoy the spooky architecture of moonlight falls. It’s still been a hot topic this year on twitter and this voting poll created on The Sims Community Social suggests simmers are looking for even more supernatural options:

Supernatural Question result

I personally hope we do see a little touch of magic in TS4 even if it is only a small addition of a new interaction. So let us know what you think! Are you a supernatural simmer? Would you like to see a bit of magic added to TS4? If so which supernatural beings, traits or even careers would you like to see included? Also if you weren’t a fan of supernatural let us know your thoughts too!

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  • Sims 4 is my first sims game to fully be able to play. I had sims 2 but was unable to play it due to the laptop I had at the time always crashing. I would love to make my sims into vampires, werewolves and witches since that’s the kind of character’s I’ve thought them up to be. So yeah I would love to see supernatural sims run around in game!

  • I’m thinking there will be some sort of magic in TS4 since they’ve had it since TS1. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll have vampires. Not many people want it but vampires were my favorite part of TS2 and TS3, to see them in TS4 would be awesome. ^^

    • I absolutely agree. I would love to see Vampires and Werewolves. As a male simmer I couldn’t care less about toddlers and pets. I started playing the sims 3 with the supernatural to simulate what I couldn’t do or experience in real life. Please give us Vampires and Werewolves!

  • I wish they would bring back supernatural and seasons!!!!! I want the weather changing and I want to be a fairy or a warewolf!!

  • Seeing as I’ve only played The Sims since TS3, and Supernatural was the first pack I’d ever bought, and became interested in, I’d love it if they’d add Supernatural to TS4, because with the new graphics and the new extent of interactions with items (and other Sims), seeing werewolves, vampires, fairies, witched (and, as annoying as they are; zombies) prowling around town. The transition from Sim-to-werewolf would be amazing, now that the graphics have been updated as divine as they are, now. Besides, for the people who don’t like the Supernatural game packs, there’s (probably) a new career branch to look forward to, or many new interactions to use — maybe even tons of new Victorian (or more “old-fashioned) furniture to use in your Sim’s home! The one Supernatural that I’d be looking forward to the most would probably be the Werewolf. Its always been my favorite, though Vampires are pretty much the second-to-best, since the biting interaction’s simply amazing. That’s all!

    • Yes! That exactly how I started the TS3. I would very much like for Werewolves and Vampires! The idea of new careers sounds intriguing. I bet they could come up with some amazing animations, locations, items, and careers!

  • I just NEED a TS4 supernatural ep. I loved witches, they were my favorite of the bunch. I really liked how you could cast spells and curses, and I really enjoyed all of the new characters added, even the pesky zombies. All of the TS4 eps so far, don’t add a huge fantasy aspect, which is what I- and probably many other simmers are looking for. The game so far has aimed for realism, but with the graphics, and animations of TS4 I have high hopes or what they could create. .

  • I think it would be amazing to get a supernatural for sim 4 , like it was always one of my big reason why I played sims 3 all the time , I really miss being a witch . I was wondering if there is anyway to find out if they will be making one cause I pretty sure I NEED it in my life lol

  • Werewolves and Vampires! The very reason I started playing the TS3. Give us a town, maybe something very old, draw on themes from Southeastern Europe, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia.
    Some careers too! Some could be race specific. Fortune Tellers for the witches.(to keep with a gypsy theme). Werewolves could be Hunters, Butchers, Woodsmen, heck maybe landscaping? Vampires, as a phlebotomist I think that would be interesting, maybe blood donation/banking, maybe expand the cemetery career? Or since they are so old the could be Historians of sorts, museum, or masters of the arts. maybe Racial abilities could help existing careers; so Werewolves could pick up scent as a detective for example.

  • I never played any of the games beofre TS4, but i think it would suck to have zombies and werewolves in my game. But i would love to play as a fairy!

  • I desire not just a touch of magic in Sims 4. Please add Supernatural to TS4 with all characters that TS3 has, but with the new graphics and the new extent of interactions with items. I am not buying TS4, waiting for Supernatural to release.