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The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff Pack Review


Spooky Stuff Pack Review

This Halloween just won’t be complete without a set of good Sims 4 decorations. If you are waiting to get the Spooky Stuff pack for your Sims maybe my review of some of the items included in it will sway your decision. When I got the pack I immediatly went to make a new Sim in CAS. The new costumes added in this pack are Male and Female Pirates, Fairies in several colors for females with fairy eye face makeup in the face paint options, Male/Female Roman Soldier, Male/Female Zombie prep school costume, Male Ninja costume as well with a Ninja Mask available in the hat category. There is also a Male and Female Super Llama costume you will be able to unlock by achieving a gold trophy in the new Spooky Party category in social events.

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There are about 62 new items in the pack most with various color selections. The pack comes with 38 cas items, and 24 new build/buy mode items. My favorite from this selection is the Spiderweb wallpaper in aqua as it is a multi-colored webbing. This wall covering seem to glow a bit in dim lighting. There are also two new flooring choices, a chevron carpet and a wood floor as well, both in several colors.

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The new items  include a pumpkin carving station that will help increase your Sims handiness skill and the higher the skill the more pumpkin styles to carve. I love this item as you can have a variety of pumpkins decorate your house as well as build skill. The pumpkins will spoil though after a few days, so let your Sims stomp them for extra fun.

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The new candy bowl will give your Sims a great little jump scare with several different items springing from the candy bowl. This item also comes in a few different colors. New recipes are added as well, 3 new recipes, the cheesey eyeballs (lvl 3), spooky cookies (lvl 2), and the zombie cake (lvl 4), all of which very much fit the theme.

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There is a lazer light show cauldron that you can turn on and see the laser ghosts floating around in the air above the cauldron. The tombstone fog machine can be changed to the game lights and brightness too just as any other light in the game.

10-02-15_6-48-12 PM

Overall I really like this pack and I feel you will too especially if you like Halloween. In my opinion I think this is one of the best stuff packs thus far that matches the theme. The small cost of $9.99 for everything included is a great value as well. I know I will be using these items throughout the year not just during Halloween.


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