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The Sims 4: Playing with Emotions

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Setting the mood just right

It takes a lot of time and simoleons to decorate your rooms to fit the right emotion. Emotional Auras do have an effect on Sims, but they’re usually not that powerful, especially if your Sim already has some buffs.

That’s why Zerbu has come up with the perfect solution! His latest Environment Emitters Mod lets you place invisible Emitters in any room that will affect your Sim’s emotion by adding certain buff points.

After downloading the Mod, extract the .zip in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Each emitter is treat as one .package file, so don’t worry over the count of emitter files.

After loading up your game, open Build Mode and enter the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat in the cheat console (CTRL + Shift + C). The easiest way to find these emitters is by going to Lighting > Misc section.

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Each Emitter has 3 levels of Emotion Buff Strenght that go from 1 Point to 3 Points. After selecting an Emitter of your choice, place them in any room you want. They’ll only be visible in build mode with a square of a certain color, depending on the Emitter you’ve chosen.

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You can also give a boost to positive Buffs with General Emitters that function as Happy Emotional Auras.

TS4 2015-10-17 15-34-26-63 TS4 2015-10-17 15-34-49-90

These Emitters even work when you place them outdoors!

TS4 2015-10-17 13-22-38-65 TS4 2015-10-17 13-23-26-12

You can create themed rooms that will each affect your Sims differently. For example: you send your Sim to the bathroom and the Sim will get bored. Then you send your Sim to the Study room and the Sim will get focused and so on. There are a lot of Storytelling possibilities with this Mod!

TS4 2015-10-17 15-30-29-60

Note: as these Emitters functional similarly to Emotional Auras, they’ll only have an affect on your Sim in a radious of few blocks. You can cover the entire room or outdoors by placing multiple Emitters that are the same.

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