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With the great choices that the Spooky Stuff pack has given us there is no reason to not go re-decorate your Sims homes for Halloween. In this article we will explore the options to decorating a custom built house in The Sims 4. We’ll start with a custom built home, you can create a spooky creeped out home for your Witchy Sims to live in, with the great variety of exterior and interior wall coverings. The best way to find all the items is to use the built in game filters by going to the right hand lower part of the screen you will see a place that says filter with an arrow next to it. Clicking the arrow will open a menu where you can pick and choose what will be shown below in the build menu. Just remember sometimes less is more but often going all out is more fun. Here I built a custom home and used the exterior wood paneling that came in the Spooky Stuff pack for the outside walls. I also chose windows that had some darker color trim on them and a large red door.

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Here I built a custom home and used the exterior wood paneling that came in the Spooky Stuff pack for the outside walls. I also chose windows that had some darker color trim on them and a large red door. Then I set to work of decorating the outside yard. You can have fun playing with the size cheat and be sure to enable MOO (Moveobjects on) by opening up the ingame console and typing bb.moveobjects then press enter. This makes it possible to set things wherever you want, as I have with the ghosts and pumpkins by placing them on the roof trim. For the front porch area I placed pumpkins along the front bottom and Skeleton lanterns across the front railing. I was able to place the laterns by holding the Alt +tapping the #9 key and carefully moving them up to the level then “phasing” them into place by holding Alt and gently sliding the mouse till they were where I wanted. You can use this method to add lights that would normally be on the ground to raise them onto a table too. As I did in the photo with the ghost lamps using them as nightstand lights.

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By using the resizing cheat you can make any of the decor items or centerpieces instant lawn ornaments! in the picture you can see the original size next to the enlarged items that I used to decorate the yard. To resize you hold Alt and then tap the ]/} key till it is the size you want to revert just hold Alt and tap the {/[ key. This is a great little trick…or a treat!

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When creating rooms and decorating with the build mode items don’t forget you can use the new chevrom carpeting to create the look of an area rug. Also now that we can resize rugs properly play with several sizes to fit your rooms. In this dining room I have utilized the chevron carpet to make the center rug and then placed a table from the pack with chairs from the base game. I was a little disappointed they didn’t include a larger table for my Sims to dine at.  I like to create a very creepy cob webbing around the walls don’t forget to add a few spiders.

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A trio of shapeshifting Portraits are great to hang above a candy dish that will give even the most seasoned Sim a jump scare. The pack also features several new seating options for your Sims. There is a couch with a ghostly face on it in several colors as well as plain with no face. A matching chair can also be found with or without the ghostly face. I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the decorative ideas shown here…let me know below in the comments how you have decorated with the Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack. Until then Happy Simming!!

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