The Sims 4: First Snow Mod Now Available!

Ready for some winter fun? After days of hard work, SimCookie is bringing you The Sims 4 First Snow Mod, which redecorates all the current TS4 Worlds into a beautiful winter wonderland!



Written by Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  1. What files have to be downloaded? Is it just the base game file or what? The rotten file prevents the game from starting and I have to keep removing the files

  2. Why didn’t i get it 🙁 AND ALSO CAN YOU MAKE A TUTORIAL ON HOW MAC USERS CAN DOWNLOAD IT.. And it isn’t working IT IS BROKEN YOU HEAR ME BROOOOOOOKEN >:( (This made me rage and start crying)

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