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The Sims 4: Wellness Skill Guide

Wellness Skill

These days, a lot of time and effort goes into maintaining the wellness of our minds, bodies, and souls. Our Sims are no exception! With the release of the Spa Day Game Pack came a new skill, Wellness, that all of our Sims can, and probably should, partake in.

There are a number of ways that your Sims can begin their road to wellness. In build/buy mode you can purchase a Yoga mat or meditation stool and place those items directly into your home, or you can visit a spa. The Game Pack came with several pre-made Spa venues, or you can download one off the Gallery and plop it into your game.

11-17-15_4-37-50 PM

Personally, I find it useful to have both a meditation stool and a yoga mat on the lots I play. For starters, both items can be placed in your Sim’s inventory to be used anywhere you like. What’s more peaceful than doing Yoga outdoors while listening to nature?

11-17-15_4-45-22 PM

As with most Skills, there are 10 levels that can be achieved with the Wellness skill.

  • Wellness Level 1 – Can perform various yoga poses, meditate, and give a massage.
  • Wellness Level 2 – Can perform the Boat Pose in Yoga, discuss cognitive focusing methods, and bake sugar free carob coconut cake.
  • Wellness Level 3 – Can give aromatherapy massages and perform the Triangle Pose in Yoga.
  • Wellness Level 4 – May offer mental relaxation tips and perform the Tree Pose in Yoga.
  • Wellness Level 5 – May now give Deep Tissue Massage, perform the Warrior Pose in Yoga and can now levitate while meditating.
  • Wellness Level 6 – Your Sim can give a Sports Massage, suggest visualization techniques, and can perform the Lord of the Dance Pose in Yoga.
  • Wellness Level 7 – Can now teleport when levitating, make Super Food Salad, and perform the Bridge Pose in Yoga.
  • Wellness Level 8 – Can give a Stone Massage, recommend self esteem exercises and perform a Handstand in Yoga.
  • Wellness Level 9 – Can give a Fertility Massage.
  • Wellness Level 10 – Can brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea and share detox secrets.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! As you can see, that’s 4 different ways to improve the wellness of your Sims! Let’s look at each of those areas a little closer.


I think it’s safe to say we were all pretty excited about the return of Yoga to the lives of our Sims. This time, Yoga is better than ever with ultra-smooth animations and a plethora of poses to perform.

The yoga poses available at level 1 are the Greeting Pose , Corpse Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Half Moon, and Side Plank.

11-17-15_4-48-23 PM

The more advanced you get in the wellness skill, the more poses you unlock including the Lord of the Dance Pose shown below.

11-17-15_7-29-12 PM

The most advanced pose is the Handstand, which is a beautiful, graceful pose (when performed correctly).

11-17-15_7-42-55 PM

As I mentioned earlier, you can also advance your Wellness skill by attending Yoga classes at your local spa. When you arrive at the spa, there will be a Sim that arrives wearing a tank top bearing the official Spa logo and a symbol above his or her head. You should receive a notification saying that a Yoga Class will be beginning in 30 minutes and to let the instructor know if you’d like to join the class.  If you choose to join, simply click on the instructor and select to join the class.

11-17-15_4-54-00 PM

There are 3 different classes that are offered at 110 Simoleans a piece. Each of the classes gives a different buff after completing the class.

  • Mind Concentrating Class – Focused +2 buff
  • Brain Boosting Class – Inspired +2 buff
  • Energy Centering Class – Energized +1 buff


Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing massage? Even our Sims love receiving, and giving, massages. With Spa Day, there are two different objects with which massages can be given (or received). There’s your standard massage table, and there is the hand and foot massage chair. There are several different kinds of massages and each of them gives a different buff.

The following massages can be performed on the table:

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Lotus Blossom – Confident +1 for 12 hours
    • Mint and Rosemary – Energized +1 for 12 hours
    • Lavender – Focused +1 for 12 hours
    • Ylang Ylang Scent – Inspired +1 for 12 hours
  • Swedish Massage – Happy +1 for 12 hours
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Happy +1 for 24 hours
  • Sports Massage – Energized +1 for 12 hours
  • Stone Massage – Happy +1 for 24 hours
  • Fertility Massage – Increases probability of conception. I’ve used it once and my Sim got pregnant on the first try. I’m too scared to try it repeatedly to determine if there’s an increased probability of multiples. It’s also worth noting that this massage can only be performed on female Sims.

11-17-15_8-28-48 PM

Hand and foot massages can be given in the chair. During my game play I’ve gotten various buffs for these ranging from pretty rotten to pretty great. The best buffs I’ve gotten are shown below.

  • Foot Massage – Happy +3 for 6 hours
  • Hand Massage – Happy +3 for 6 hours

Sometimes your Sim may get a lousy massage, leaving them with an uncomfortable buff, so be careful who you chose!


When life gets to be too much, sometimes it’s best to take a few minutes, relax, and find your center. With the meditation stool, your Sims can now find inner peace.

There are a couple of pretty neat things that meditating does. If your Sim is overwhelmed with a negative buff, like embarrassment from an awkward flirtation, have your Sim meditate and watch their worries melt away.

11-17-15_7-37-02 PM

At level 5 of the Wellness skill, your Sims can levitate while meditating.

11-17-15_7-37-58 PM

At level 7, they can teleport anywhere in the neighborhood! The other cool thing is, Sims with that high of skill in Wellness don’t even need the stool to meditate and teleport – they can do it right where they’re standing.

Eating Clean

No heath-centric Sim is complete without introducing super-healthy foods into their diet.  Two new recipes can be unlocked with the Wellness skill.

  • Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake. This costs 15 Simoleans to cook and gives a Happy +1 buff for 4 hours.

11-17-15_4-43-37 PM

  • Super Food Salad.  The special ingredient is Pomegranate, but it isn’t required to make it. It costs 48 Simoleans without the Pomegranate. It appears to have avocado on it as well and looks pretty tasty.
  • At level 10, you can brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox tea which gives a Focused +2 buff for 4 hours and costs 15 Simoleans.

11-17-15_7-46-36 PM

If all those buffs aren’t enough, you can always light some incense for the cost of 20 Simoleans. Each scent also has its own unique buff.

  • Evocative Lemon – Inspired +1
  • Sharpening Saffron – Focused +1
  • Soothing Sage – Happy +1
  • Romantic Sandalwood – Flirty +1
  • Peaceful Patchouli – Happy +1
  • Invigorating Cinnamon – Energized +1

Now get out there, grab your Yoga mat, and get your Sims happy and healthy with the new Wellness Skill!

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