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The Sims 4 Get Together: New Aspiration + Traits



During The Sims 4 Get Together Preview Event in Cologne, Germany, Crinrict was able to find out more about the New Aspiration and Traits that come with this Pack.

There’s a new aspiration which can be found under popularity: Leader of the Pack. There’s also two new traits for adults: Dance Machine and Insider. Insider is also available to kids.

Moreover, SimCookie clarified a bit further what comes with these new Traits and where can you find the new Aspiration:

A whole new aspiration is added in the popularity section “Leader of the Pack“. That’s not all, there are also two new character traits, “Insider“, Sims like going out with their group and be surrounded by friends. Then there’s the “Dance Machine” trait, it unlocks a new dance interaction. These traits are accompanied by new animations!

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