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Gift Giving Festival: 32 days – 32 giveaways!



It’s time to introduce our very first Giveaway Event! Down below you’ll learn all about our Gift Giving Festival, how to enter and more. We can’t wait for the festival to begin and we hope you’ll have lots of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Gift Giving Festival?

The Gift Giving Festival is a one-of-a-kind event where you get multiple chances to win a Sims 4 Pack of your liking.

How can I enter the Gift Giving Festival?

Starting December 1st, we’ll be opening a new Thread on Sims Community Social every day for you to enter. Simply post a reply on the currently open thread and that’s it. If you’re not a member of Sims Community Social, you’ll need to register first before posting your reply.

How many giveaways will there be?

32. Check our Festival Calendar below for a full overview!

How is the winner chosen?

Randomly using the website. We write down the Thread ID numbers and whichever number pops up first on the list, he/she wins the pack of their choice.

Which TS4 Games will you be giving away?

The Sims 4 Packs that we’ll give away won’t be specific. For example, one day we’ll have a Stuff Pack giveaway, one day a Game Pack giveaway and one day Expansion Pack giveaway. If you win one giveaway it’s up to you to pick which Pack do you want (example: if you win a SP giveaway, you can pick one Stuff Pack of your choice).

But…I already have all The Sims 4 Packs!

Don’t worry! If, for example, you win a Game Pack giveaway, you can reserve your free Game Pack #3 copy! (yup, GP #3 has been confirmed)

Can I enter more than one giveaway?

Yes! But, if you win a giveaway, you can’t enter any more giveaways as we want to allow everyone to have equal chances of winning.

Can SC Social Staff enter?

Yes! Same rules apply to them.


  • Only ONE entry per IP is allowed. If someone tries to create multiple accounts just so they can have bigger chances at winning, they will be both disqualified and banned from the site.
  • Games that we’re giving away are all Digital Codes that can be redeemed on Origin.
  • Make sure you provide a correct E-Mail address when registering with SC Social.
  • In case you can’t register with us, contact SC Social at
  • Foul language is NOT allowed
  • You will get a winning notification via SCsocial Conversation. Check it daily! If you’ve won, reply to us within 48 hours
  • In case the winner doesn’t reply 48 hours after we publish the results and send the SC Social Conversation winning notification, we’ll pick another winner
  • Codes will be sent using Sims Community Social Conversations, which may take up to 3 days.



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