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The Sims 4: Life Is A Beach Mod coming December 22nd!

TheSimplyNando created a brand new Mod that turns The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat’s Granite Falls World into a tropical paradise!


Live it up! Get beachy!

Coming December 22nd, 2015

The Sims 4: Life Is A Beach is a modification for your Sims game. It comes with a beach world where your Sims can enjoy their vacation days.

Granite Beach

If you know Granite Falls from the gamepack Outdoor Retreat Granite Beach might look similar to you. In fact it really is a retextured version of the foresty world.

Tropical Vibe

Did you ever dream about building a rental lot on a tropical island or even a spa? You can run wild and go pretty creative using additional game content, like the latest expansion pack Get Together or the gamepack Spa Day. Using those packs you can really create steamy saunas or mud baths next to the sunny coast of Granite Beach!

New Trait(s)

As some of you may know from the Beach Mod 2.0 I’m also bringing back the Relaxer trait. They gain the wellness and fitness skill much faster although they’re super relaxed whilst doing that.

Future Plans

We want to improve everything and change up some more things when Life Is A Beach launched. We’re also planning on adding furniture and clothing to this pack to wrap it up completely so everything looks like a complete pack.

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