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The Sims 4: How to get seen on The Gallery!


How to get seen on The Gallery in 3 easy steps!


You’ve made something you’re quite pleased with, in-game it looks epic, and the inside you’ve furnished to the last detail.

Why isn’t anyone downloading it?
-No, it’s probably not just you. Your house is probably as amazing as you think it is, you probably spent a long time and are excited to share it!

What’s going on?
The Gallery is literally flooded every second with peoples creations. As soon as you hit that share button, thousands of people are doing the very same thing. So every second counts!

What can you do?
I’ll give you a couple of tips on how to make your creation eye-catching the second it’s uploaded. The hard work you have to do yourself, but hopefully these tips will work for you!


The human eye LOVES contrast, and the eyes will instantly go to something with lots of depth and contrast. Which is why in many cases I choose to upload my creations during night-time. They look very good in day, but the night makes them pop! Place lights on all corners, entrances, patios, windows, and everywhere else the structure can be highlighted. It will make a beautiful glow when you’re creative with light-placement and it definitely creates depth and contrast!



What is it with fountains that just makes us happy? -They’re sparkly, shiny and idyllic! It’s clearly not a must to have a fountain, but if you place them in front of the house you will get a massive feeling of depth, and adding some lights gives you even more eye-catching contrast. 


Landscape and scenario

It gives off a good impression if your creation “belongs” in it’s surroundings. So if you make a club, or a modern city-house don’t place it on the country side, try and find a lot in the middle of the city to get skyscrapers and light in the background. And if you want to make a beach house, most of the scenarios in Oasis Springs are surrounded with sand, palms and orange rocks and mountains.

Try landscaping your lot similar to what’s around it, but change some of the colors up to make it differ.
Are there palm trees? -Use palm trees!
Is it grassy? -Use grass!

Tip: Don’t use too many tall trees directly in front of your house, doors, or windows, that can make the shape look less appealing or steal too much attention from the actual creation!


I hope these tips will help you get more downloads, and if you want some input or help with your creations feel free to share at:

Crude’s Critique & Compliments

Happy building!

About the author


A Sims 4 builder, who's main focus is to upload houses and nightclubs to the gallery for others to enjoy. I love focusing on landscaping and exterior, but also decorating houses in themes. I make room-series and house-series, and when I have the time I make houses on request!

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