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It’s back! Here at The Sims Community we really enjoyed our Simmer Q&As and we love connecting with you and hearing all about your simming journey. This week we are featuring the fantastic Luke owner of YouTube channel Luke The Plumbob, it’s packed with simsational content including Let’s Plays, Reviews and Speed Builds and we wanted to get to know more about Luke and his simming story:

Q1.) First things first we want to know what got you started on your sims journey and how long have you been “simming through the universe and beyond”? – we love that tagline by the way!

Thanks! My Sims journey started back in the Sims 2 days, so about 12 years ago! My family were very big fans of Sims City, back in the day, and I’ve probably been hooked since birth! I originally started playing The Sims 2 base game and then the My Sims Games- I guess that’s where my addiction started!

Q2.) Great! Now you host a fantastic channel which currently has just over 700 subscribers! What inspired you to begin recording your sim stories and how do you feel about the channel today?

In The Sims 3 days, I used to watch loads of other people’s Sims Stories on YouTube, many people like Quxxn. I really looked up to them and wanted to also share my adventures with my Sims as well as just generally sharing about the wonders of The Sims! I still remember watching The English Simmer and Rachybop in their early days! I’m so pleased with how my channel has now grown, I would of never thought it would be where it is now. When The Sims Team followed me on Twitter and EA/Sims UK shared some of my videos, I was overjoyed to see that my work was being appreciated and it just motivated me more to create more content. My channel has also enabled me to create some amazing friendships, attend fantastic Sims events (like the Simmers Meetup) and much more.

Simmers Meetup Luke

Q3.) That’s fantastic Luke! OK so you have such an awesome range of simsational videos including Lets Plays, Speed Builds and Reviews, which do you enjoy creating the most?

I love making every type of video I make! Having to choose one is like having to choose a favourite child! If I had to choose, I would say I enjoy making reviews the most. I love making Reviews because you guys get to see my first overall impressions of everything new for The Sims, most of which includes me being really excited. I also love to help other Simmers out to see if new content is ideal for them. It’s amazing when people comment saying thank you!

Q4.) We also get pretty excited here at SC! So we have seen a wide range of content released by The Sims for TS4 so far, which would you say has been your favourite Expansion/Game/Stuff pack?

Favourite expansion so far would have to be Get To Work, the main reason because of The new careers and ALIENS! Favourite Game Pack so far would have to be Outdoor Retreat because of the beautiful Granite Falls and BEARS! My favourite stuff pack would have to be either be Perfect Patio Stuff or Spooky Stuff.

Q5.) Is there anything you would personally like to see included in The Sims 4 and if you have played TS2 or TS3 did you have a favourite pack from them too?

I really would like Pets, University and Supernatural equivalents to come to The Sims 4 very soon! I loved being a Vampire with a Dalmatian, attending University in The Sims 3, although the Zombie attacks at full moons were annoying!!!

Q6.) Hehe! A vampire with a pet dalmation, we love it! Finally tell us if you have any goals for your superb channel, do you also have any plans for upcoming content?

This summer, I hope to keep my channel to a schedule and have a constant stream of content weekly. As well as of course releasing more Let’s plays, Reviews, etc… I really want to try out some Collabs and create some of my own challenges! A massive goal would be to reach 5k Subscribers by this year, that would be truly amazing!

Luke’s Quick Fire Questions

Coffee or Tea – Coffee
Cake or Chocolate – Cake (Nomnomnom)!
Netflix or Cinema – Netflix (I don’t think I could live without some of my favourite TV Shows!)
Day or Night – Night
Book or Magazine – Book

We really enjoyed our Q&A with Luke and hope he reaches his 5K Subscribers goal soon! If you would like to check out Luke’s Channel or contact him via social media we have all the links you need below:

YouTube Channel:

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