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SC Social Weekly Round Up: Tears of a Clown


We finally waved goodbye to The Sims news drought as info on upcoming content flooded our community! We have heard about a new Restaurant Game Pack and Kids Stuff Pack and on Thursday simmers were reunited with the much loved or hated Tragic Clown. This week I roundup the reactions from the community and note some of the top discussions taking place on SC Social.


Now the main topic of conversation has been our Tragic Clown, you may have already encountered him in your game and we have seen some fantastic screenshots so far within the community, check out Kai Chen’s thread – Post your Tragic Clown Sightings. However, some simmers have had a mixed reaction, if you didn’t play much of The Sims original game you may not know what all the fuss is about, Tatiana started this thread – What are your thoughts on the clown? If you would like to share your feelings about this new NPC. You can also find out more about the Tragic Clown HERE.

OK enough about clowns, what about our latest content news? Well this week The Sims announced we will be receiving restaurants in the next game pack and something for our little sims in the form of a kids themed stuff pack. Many were excited to hear this but wanted more than a 15 second trailer, Kai Chen also started this interesting topic – Will Children’s Stuff Pack Sales Determine If We Get ‘Generations’? Simmers are however keen to see never before used gameplay, content and expansions which is also discussed here in – What EP That Has Never Been Done Would You Like to See? Don’t forget we have dedicated threads on SC Social for each pack released by The Sims 4, keep up to date with all the latest news and discussions in our Kids Stuff Pack and Restaurant Game Pack threads.

As always I shout out to all my wonderful simmers on Twitter to send in your screenshots and this week I asked you to represent your reaction to the patch and trailer announcements, I really love this selection:


Thanks so much for sending in your screenshots! Each week I will have a new theme and will be on the lookout for more awesome snaps.


This week I recommend you check out The Trailer Park Teens Challenge created by Rialrees it’s a super survival based challenge and it’s always fun to work with teenage sims, all the rules can be found on the linked thread above. Rialrees says the idea for making a trailer park challenge came about after trying to build an interesting lot for roomies to have their own spaces (a little easier to do now with the door locking, though it’s a bit tricky to let visitors in!). I had an image in my head of a bunch of teenagers trying to survive and thrive in a close community, and this is where I ended up! – Lots of simmers have had fun taking part so far, another top challenge!


Sometimes after a patch update simmers can experience the odd technical difficulty, why not make use of the forums dedicated Technical Discussion thread, here you can post up your issue and other simmers or staff will be on hand to help you resolve a problem so you can get back to simming as soon as possible!

Technical Difficulties


In order to celebrate our recent success of 10,000 SC Social Members, we are hosting a series of giveaways, you can find out details on our latest giveaway by clicking the banner below:


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