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Sad news for the German Community: is closing down!

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UPDATE: SimGuruGraham wrote a post on The Sims Forums thread related to this topic.


After more than 12 years, one of the most popular German Sims Fansites –, is closing down!

Although we didn’t get a crystal clear explanation why is closing, they explained in the paragraph below that EA US accused them of leaking something. They don’t want to go into details into what they allegedly leaked, however, they want to assure the community that they did nothing wrong and that EA US’ accusations are not true!

EA US is not closing the site or forcing the SimFans team to do it. They only cut the ties with SimFans when it comes to Game Previews, Fan Events and other privileges. SimFans decided by themselves to close their website.


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We wish the entire team all the best in their future endeavours and we hope that they’ll continue to bring out Sims content to the community!

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