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The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack: New Version Announcement!

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The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack allows players with both The Sims 4 and The Sims 4 Get to Work to follow their Child and Teen Sims to school, similar to the three careers added in Get to Work. While the current version provides a simple event with occasional random field trips, the new version aims to provide a whole new gameplay experience and change the way you play with Child and Teen Sims, as well as a brand new career for older Sims!


  • Sims will now attend an actual class: a Teacher NPC will spawn at a podium and teach the lesson of the day, while other Sims sit and listen. The player’s main goal is to attend the class and ask questions, which can be done by clicking the teacher and selecting an interaction. When the school day starts, NPC Sims will attend class for a random amount of time (1, 2, 3 or 4 Sim hours) before going off to perform activities.
  • The school lot also has other new NPCs: the Principal, the Counsellor, the Caterer and the Janitor. The former two can be assigned to a specific part of the lot using a special rug.
  • There will be a brand new career for older Sims, Education, which includes all the roles available on the school lot. NPCs on the school lot are drawn from this career, so if you switch households, the Sim you have in the career may be the one that actually appears!
  • Classes and activities aren’t the same everyday: there are five subjects (Social Development, Problem Solving, Creative Arts, Physical Education and Science and Technology). In Elementary School, these take place on Monday-Friday respectively. Costume Day still takes place on Wednesday along with the Creative Arts class. The schedule for High School hasn’t been decided yet.
  • You can pick a liked and hated subject for your Sim, by having them perform a social interaction. Sims will get a positive Moodlet on the day of their liked subject and a negative Moodlet on the day of their hated one. Your Sim’s liked subject will effect the special opportunities they receive!
  • Sims have a School Spirit score! Those with high School Spirit will earn a positive Happy Moodlet while attending school, while those with low School Spirit will earn a negative Bored Moodlet. By default, they’ll be assigned a random level in the low range. School Spirit can be increased by talking to the Counsellor NPC.
  • As well as boosting spirit, the Counsellor can also help get a Sim into the Confident, Focused, Inspired and Energized emotions!
  • Sims who use an excessive amount of Mean and Mischief interactions may be assigned a punishment! While a Sim is punished, their school performance will decay drastically slower (this includes attending school inactively). The punishment will be lifted after the Sim earns Gold on a school day. Upon receiving it, they’ll lose a bit of performance and School Spirit as well. There is an upside, though: punished Sims benefit more from talking to the Counsellor, and if properly taken advantage of, it can negate the loss of spirit caused by being punished in the first place!
  • If your Sim becomes friends with the Counsellor, it unlocks the Undeclare Subjects interaction, allowing you to change their liked and disliked subject.
  • Field trips will be at a location specific to the subject of the day, and will have goals specific to that location.
  • As well as field trips, there is also a chance the class will be given a guest speaker from the Doctor, Detective or Scientist career. I am still thinking of ways to improve this feature, but currently Sims will gain special Moodlets from being around them.
  • Becoming friends with the Teacher and/or Principal will unlock special opportunities, which can earn your Sim tokens that can be redeemed for skill-boosting traits! The opportunities your Sim receives depends on their liked subject, but this can be changed using the Undeclare Subjects interaction on the Counsellor. There are also hidden aspirations that can be unlocked, which will give out a lot of tokens!
  • There is a prom event planned for Teen Sims! I am still thinking of features for it, but it’s definitely on the list to add!

And now, get your first look at the new version with this video showing off the revamped first day of school event:

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