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The Sims 4 June 2016 Update: Gender Customization Overview


With the latest The Sims 4 Update, you are now able to completely Customize your Sims’ Gender and give them any clothing and accesories they want – no matter of their gender!

In Create A Sim, click on the Plumbob on the upper left corner. You’ll notice that under the Male and Female gender icons there are 3 dots. After clicked, you’ll be able to customize the selected gender with the following options:

  • Physical Frame
  • Clothing Preferemnce
  • Pregnancy Abilities
  • Toilet Standing


Physical Frame

Here’s a comparison on Physical Frames: the Sim you’re seeing on the left has no customized Gender Settings, while the Sim on the right is a Female Sim with a Masculine Physical Frame.

Here’s a comparison for male Sims: the Sim you’re seeing on the left is a male Sim with no customized Gender Settings, while the Sim on the right is a Male Sim with a Female Physical Frame.

Clothing Preference

Chosing the Clothing Preference will filter all the CAS items to either Feminine or Masculine. This covers everything, including Hairstyles, Clothing, Accessories, Makeup and more!

TIP: If you want to have both Masculine and Feminine items listed, simply remove the filter by pressing the X button!


Pregnancy Abilities

This section of the Gender Customization Option lets you choose if your Sim can make someone else pregnant, become pregnant ore neither of those.

TS4 gamescom OlieBabs

Toilet Standing

This feature pretty much asks you if you want your Sim to be capable of using the toilet by standing or by sitting.


Voice Types

This Update unlocks all 6 Voice Types for both genders! The first 3 icons are Female Voices, while the last 3 icons are Male Voices.


Change Sim Option

You’ll be able to customize your Sim’s gender any time by clicking the Closet / Mirror and selecting the option Change Sim.


Using this Option, not only will you be able to customize your Sim’s Gender, but also customize your Sim’s body and face by using the good ol’ push and pull features.

TS4_x64 2016-06-02 21-47-54-14

This Update unlocks so much creativity for you to unleash! Even though the Live Mode features are pretty much the same, the stories you’ll be able to tell with the help of Gender Customization Features are limitless!

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