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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Running a Restaurant


Restaurant Customization Options

There are 4 sections of your Restaurant that you can customize: Management, Menu, Staff Outfits and Customer Attire. You can access these customization options in the Retail Menu section OR in Build Mode if it’s a Restaurant that your active Sim doesn’t own yet.


Pro Tip: Uploading / Downloading Restaurant Lots from The Gallery will save all your Menu, Staff Outfits and Customer Attire settings!

Management Settings

Price Markup is basically the percentage of how much money goes into your pocket. If Price Markup is set to 125%, you’ll be earning 25% from a customer, while the other 100% will go into the cost of ingredients.

Advertising will bring more customers to your Restaurant. Before you purchase an Advertising Package, please make sure you have the right amount of Simoleons and Staff to handle all the customers!

Advertising Packs:

  • Silver Package (120 Simoleons a day)
  • Gold Package (240 Simoleons a day)
  • Platinum Package (480 Simoleons a day)
  • Diamond Package (1200 Simoleons a day)

Ingredient Quality Options can be modified if you have purchased the Ingredient Quality Options Restaurant Perk. They will determine the quality of your Food, and in the end, the satisfaction of your customers!

Ingredient Quality types:

  • Grade F (-25% cost)
  • Standard
  • Fresh Organic (+10% cost)
  • Local, GMO Free, and Freshly Harvested (+25% cost)

The Menu

One of the really fun aspects of running a Restaurant is customizing your Menu. You get to choose which drinks and food you’ll serve to your customers, and the best part is that you can add ANY Food / Drink you want!

There are 4 meal categories that you can Customize:

  • Drink
  • Appetizer
  • Main Course
  • Dessert

TS4_x64 2016-06-06 23-16-13-86

Tip: Recipes and Drinks from previous (and future) Sims 4 Packs can also be added to the menu!

Clicking the ‘+’ slot icons on the left will take you to a new Menu with a list of all the drinks and meals! For example, if you click a plus slot next to the Appetizers, you’ll be taken to a list of all Appetizers that you can expand your Menu with.

There are also food and drink categories on top of each meal customization menu that will help you sort through food and drinks easily.

TS4_x64 2016-06-06 23-20-11-19

Tip:  The difficulty level indicates the requirement to prepare a certain dish. If, for example, your Chef is preparing a meal that has a 5/5 Difficulty, they’ll need a Level 9 / Level 10 Cooking Skill to prepare it. Same goes for drinks and the Mixology Skill.

If you’re too lazy to set up your own Menu, there are 5 Food Presets to choose from:

  • Diner
  • Brunch
  • Experimental
  • Italian
  • Seafood

Staff Outfits

Another great way to make your Restaurant stand out are Staff Outfits! Chefs, the Wait Staff and Hosts all get to dress differently, and you can create up to 5 outfits for each Staff type and assign them whenever!

Customizing your own Staff Outfit will take you to Create A Sim, where you get to create your own outfit!

TS4_x64 2016-06-06 23-28-41-74

Customer Dress Code

You determine how you want your Customers to show up and you get to choose from all 6 Dress Codes: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Sleep, Party and Swimwear.


You may have a Restaurant, but for now, it’s just a soulless shell. On the next page, you’ll learn more about the Staff!

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