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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Running a Restaurant


The Staff

A Restaurant cannot function without a Waiter, a Host and a Chef. To hire staff, click on the Manage Employees button that we indicated below.


You’ll be able to hire 2 Chefs (the other Chef Slot can be unlocked through a Restaurant Perk), 1 Host and 3 Waiters (the other 2 waiters also have to be unocked through Restaurant Perks).

You’ll only have 6 Sims to choose from to hire. Most of them are unskilled and require 7 Simoleons per hour. Make sure you choose Sims who have the biggest skills. (Even though it’s only a Level 2 or 3 of a certain, required skill).

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Beside Promoting your Staff or firing them over the phone, you won’t have any control over the Staff until you open up your Restaurant.

To open your Restaurant, select Open in the Retail Menu, BUT, make sure you haven’t allowed new customers yet until you manage your Staff in person. You can disallow new customers by selecting ‘Disallow New Customers’ at the Host Station.


Clicking on your Staff will bring up some special interactions under the Management Interaction section. Here are all the interactions you can perform on your Staff that can influence their work performance:

  • Check Up On – see what’s your Employee’s satisfaction level.
  • Criticize – this will let your Employee know that he/she is doing a bad job. Their performance will improve, but their satisfaction will suffer.
  • Demote – if you promoted your Sim at least once, you can demote him/her back.
  • Fire
  • Praise – this will let your Employee know that he/she is doing a good job. Only their satisfaction will improve.
  • Promote to.. – this will increase your Employee’s salary that will be taken away from your Restaurant Funds. Employees who eventually skill up without getting a promotion from time to time will feel unappreciated and you’ll be notified that they could quit their job.
  • Pay for Training… – if your Employee has low skills, Training will level their needed skills the next time they go to work. There are 3 Training levels:
    • Brief Training (150 Simoleons)
    • Standard Training (600 Simoleons)
    • Extensive Training (1,500 Simoleons)


It’ll be a bit hard to deal with your Staff in the beginning: Waiters will spill their dishes often, Hosts will take long times to seat the customers and Chefs will fail to make high quality foods. As they come back to work day after day, they’ll gain more experience and level up their needed skills that will eventually impress the customers and help you get better reviews!

Pro Tip: Make sure you keep track of your Employee satisfaction in the Manage Employees Menu. Employees who feel unsatisfied may want a promotion or a praise. If they don’t get what they want, they may quit their job eventually. Also, keep a close eye on the work hours. Employees who work longer than 8 hours a day will have their satisfaction decreased.

Chefs have a special Management interaction. You can change the Cooking Speeds of your Chef: if there are more customers, it’s better to finish meals quickly with lower food quality. However, cooking food Carefully will give food better quality and impress the customers, but will take more time to prepare.

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