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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Running a Restaurant


Restaurant Critic

Once your Restaurant reaches Star 3 or above, a Restaurant Critic will show up. You’ll recognize him/her immediately by a white ribbon around their star.

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Pay special attention to the Restaurant Critic, as their final Review will influence the flow of new Customers. It’s kind of like Advertisement that you don’t have to pay (that is, if you manage to impress the Critic).


Restaurant Perks

Restaurant Perks make your Business easier to handle!

For more information about them, CLICK HERE!

Work from Home

You can open your Restaurant even if you’re sitting Home watching TV!

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This, however, is not recommended for Restaurants that are not well-established. You won’t be earning a lot of money and a lot of things can go wrong while you’re not there. Until you level up your Staff, don’t consider using this option as you’ll lose Simoleons instead of earning it.


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