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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Running a Restaurant


Interacting with Customers

It’s finally time to open the doors of your Restaurant!

It’s important that you keep track of your Customers’ Opinions. You can check that by hovering over them.

You can improve their Opinions by interacting with them and showing them that as a Restaurant owner, you care for the customers.

There are 5 main interactions that you can perform with customers that will definitely improve their opinions:

  • Welcome
  • Check On Table
  • Comp Food
  • Give Table Free Dessert
  • Give Table Free Drinks

It’s best to perform these interactions on Sims who have bad Opinions. For example, if a Sim doesn’t like the quality of their meal, you can provide Complimentary Food for the table, which will save you from a Bad Review.

For 250 Restaurant Perk Points, you can unlock the Recommend Dish Interaction (Curious Customers Perk). Sims who get seated will have a question mark above them, meaning that they’re looking for your opinion on what they should order.

This is a great opportunity to select expensive meals from the Menu, but be vary of your Chef’s cooking skills!

Customer Reviews & Opinions

The star icons above Customers indicate their current Review level. Their Review won’t be accounted for until they finish with the meal and leave the restaurant, and by then, they can change their Reviews many times!

It’s important to keep a close eye on your Customers’ Opinions. They’ll form an opinion the moment they greet the Host.

There are several factors that will affect their Opinion, and that is:

  • Food Quality
  • Food Price
  • Waiting Times
  • Staff Attitude
  • Ambiance
  • Personal Attention

Food Quality and Food Price affect each other. If, for example, your Customer gets bad quality food but for a very cheap price, they’ll form a good opinion. Sims also won’t mind about spending a lot of money on good quality food.

Waiting Times can be very long if you have a lot of Customers and only one Waiter and Chef. You can buy an additional slot for a Chef and 2 additional slots for Waiters through Restaurant Perks.


Staff Attitude all depends on your Host and Wait Staff. Make sure they’re skilled enough and that their Satisfaction is high or neutral!


Ambiance is all about your interior design skills! Add some paintings and decorations that have high Environment score to get good Opinions.


And last, but not least, you’ll need to take care of your customers!


Take good care of these Customer Needs and you have a recipe to a 5-star Restaurant!

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