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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Simstagram Prints

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The Sims 4 Dine Out introduces a new Household Collection – Experimental Food Photos (Simstagram Prints)!

Simstagram Prints are created once you take a Photo of an Experimental Dish.

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These Prints can be found in the inventory, where you can sell the Print for 10 Simoleons or place it in your House.

The more photos of Experimental Food you take, the more your Experimental Food Photos collection will grow!

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Here are the following Experimental Food Photos that you can collect:

Simstagram Prints

Artisan Fish Trio Simstagram Print

foodprint (7)

A fresh sampling of the most skilled fish in the sea. #JustForTheHalibut

Crystallized Coco Blocks Simstagram Print

foodprint (3)

Its tempting to build walls and structures with these little cubes. Don’t forget to experience the taste. #PlayingWithMyFood

Cubed Ahi with Veggie Wasabi Matrix Simstagram Print

foodprint (4)

The chef’s homage to the amazingly streamlined shape of the wild tuna. #OpporTunatySiezed

Cured Meat Crisps on Reclaimed Forest Wood Simstagram Print

foodprint (12)

 Flavor sealed in by the solar curing process really pops when bitten into. #EcoFriendly

Free Range Sixam Pit Beast Simstagram Print

foodprint (15)

 The suction cups contain bursts of tangy flavor. #EatOrBeEaten

Glacier Infused Iceberg Lettuce Simstagram Print

foodprint (10)

Caution, can cause ice cream headaches without the ice cream. #IcebergAhead

Glazed Heirgloom Bamboo Roll Simstagram Print

foodprint (2)

A delightful departure from the flavor of raw bamboo. It was probably taken too far for the panda at heart. #Bamboozled

Honeycomb Garden Vegetable Cups Simstagram Print

foodprint (9)

Delicate cups of veggie goodness, each celebrating its own flavor from the garden. #HiveFive

Honeyed World Fruit Charcuterie Simstagram Print

foodprint (16)

Fruit and honey are the best pairing to bring out the flavors of the finely sliced meat. #RazorThinMeats

Jungle Moss Egg with Lavender Wisps Simstagram Print

foodprint (6)

Served without unnecessary humidity and bugs. #CulinarySafari

Rustic Pate Drizzled in Aged Jus Simstagram Print

foodprint (11)

A single bite will take your mouth on a country holiday. #ReadyToPate

Savory Bacon Love Petals Simstagram Print

foodprint (13)

This dish will make you fall in love with bacon all over again. #SixDegreesOfCandiedBacon

Semi-Firm Beet Noodles Simstagram Print

foodprint (1)

A bit beyond al dente but it works for this vegetarian dish. #JustBeetIt

Sizzled Brisket over Sour Clover Salad Simstagram Print

foodprint (5)

Sizzling until the last bite. #TastyBiteOfLuck

Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core Simstagram Print

foodprint (14)

Dreamt up by an astronaut that had enough of freeze dried food. #Eggstraterestrial

Spherized Fruit Gel in Foam Nest Simstagram Print

foodprint (8)

The gels are concentrated fruit flavor balanced well with a neutral foam palette cleanser. #NestedFlavor

Tiger Shrimp in Smoked Dewdrop Broth Simstagram Print

foodprint (19)

The flavor of these tasty shrimp leaps out and attacks the tongue. #CrouchingTigerHiddenFlavor

Vanilla Sea Shells and Chocolate Caviar Simstagram Print

foodprint (20)

A perfect mix of the classic flavors. #TeamVanilla or #TeamChocolate

Vertical Berry Cake Simstagram Print

foodprint (17)

Layer after layer of berry flavor. #BerriedUnderLayers

Volcano Pasta Simstagram Print

foodprint (18)

Melted cheese at just the right temperature to not burn your mouth. #UnbeLAVAble

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