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The Sims 4 Gallery: FrolleinCeline Builds

Taj Mahal

Hey you! Today I’m going to introduce you to an amazing German Simmer that her builds will leave you speechless! Her name is Frollein Celine and you’ll probably be blown away by her creativity! At least I know I was!


Ok so let’s start by a very cute and realistic farmhouse build that she made!


You can feel that country life and even smell the flowers from your screen! Of course it’s a Maxis Curated Creation so you know it’s bound to be good!

Continuing, we have to amazing palaces, because why not?

Chakri Maha Palace

When you get away from the madness of the city and go to a spiritual place to calm! Then this palace / build is just right for you! (if you ignore the casinos in the back)

Chakri Maha Palace

It’s inspired from a real palace in Thailand and we’ve to say these gold details sure look amazing!

Taj Mahal

So we’re leaving Thailand and going to India next. Another  spiritual site, but worldwide know build! You can’t help but admire this build no matter where you see it!

Taj Mahal

And you can for sure say that this is an amazing tomb site and a very amazing recreation as well!

Next up we have a kinda weird, different but for sure awesome creation!

Pacman House

At first we have a Pacman House which can we talk about the roof for a bit?

Pacman House

Just look at that roof with the ghosts and everything from an actual level of Pacman. And you can live there too? Uhm YES!

Ice n Cake Manufactory

At last, I want to leave you with the sweetest creation that really made me want ice-cream! A bakery shop.

Ice n Cake Manufactory

Ugh take me there please! Well you know unless you live in Oceania so I guess I’m sorry in that case.

If you want to download these and more amazing builds that she did then you can find her on Origin: FrolleinCeline and YouTube: Frollein Celine (disclaimer: in her YouTube channel she speaks German but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be amazed by her creations even if you don’t speak the language).

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