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The Sims 4 Building: Bridges

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Love can build a bridge and, now, so can you!

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Burning Bulding Bridges

We are going to explore how to build four different styles of bridges, step by step, so even the uninitiated can understand. Hopefully, we can inspire some ideas on experienced builders as well!

Bridge Style # 1

We have a simple square pool on the ground and we are going to start construction by holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard while we delineate where our bridge is going to be.

07-05-16_2-01-43 PM

There we go!

Now we are going to use floor titles and fences to create the bridge.

07-05-16_2-03-41 PM

Simple enough. If you just want a simple bridge over a simple pool, you are done, I suppose. But you can make the body of water look more naturalistic by changing the water colour…

07-05-16_2-04-49 PM

…then adding rougher pool trimming…

07-05-16_2-05-14 PM

…some water plants…

07-05-16_2-10-15 PM

…and some terrain paint.

07-05-16_2-11-08 PM

Changing the pool walls and tiles to stone finishes is the last touch.

07-05-16_2-15-03 PM

Our quaint bridge is completed.

07-05-16_2-12-36 PM

Bridge Style # 2

Several steps are the same from the previous bridge, so let’s focus on what is different. We are going to use the basement tool to sink the body of water. We delimit where it’s going to be…

07-05-16_2-16-46 PM

… and then we go down one level and select the newly-created basement.

07-05-16_2-17-01 PM

After that, we go back up and click on the yellow outline to remove the ceiling.

07-05-16_2-17-14 PM

We repeat the process on the other side and, then, proceed to build our natural pool, much like we did in the Bridge Style #1, only, this time, in the basement.

07-05-16_2-19-01 PM

It’s similar to the first bridge, but the water is at a lower level.

07-05-16_2-19-33 PM

You could even use that to create a magnificent entrance to a castle! Or, perhaps, simulate times of drought.

Tip: If you really want to go post apocalyptic, forgo the water altogether!

Bridge Style # 3

We have mastered how to create the surrounding water in the prior styles. Let’s concentrate on Bridge # 3 now. Create a room where you want the bridge to be.

07-05-16_2-21-16 PM

Delete the walls.

07-05-16_2-21-41 PM

Delete the ceiling.

07-05-16_2-22-08 PM

Use the foundation tool to make your bridge as tall as you’d like.

Note: Keep in mind the tool will affect all foundations on the lot.

07-05-16_2-23-22 PM

Add stairs.

07-05-16_2-24-22 PM

Change the foundation finish.

07-05-16_2-25-02 PM

Add railings with the fence tool.


07-05-16_2-39-19 PM

Overhead view.

07-05-16_2-39-37 PM

Bridge Style # 4

For the final style, we won’t need to change the pool itself, since the bridge will be suspended.

Again, we have covered creating the body of water underneath before.

07-05-16_2-40-12 PM

Let’s discuss Bridge #4 now. Build two small rooms, one on each side, to support the bridge.

07-05-16_2-42-26 PM

You can choose how tall the structure is going to be by tweaking wall height.

Tip: You can also experiment with foundations.

07-05-16_2-43-11 PM

I want to set wall height to short, personally.

07-05-16_2-43-21 PMGo up one level and build a room connecting the two bases.

07-05-16_2-44-40 PMDelete the ceiling.

07-05-16_2-44-55 PMDelete the walls.

Note: You can keep the ceiling and walls if you want a more sophisticated bridge.

07-05-16_2-45-19 PM

Add stairs.

Tip: You might also add railings to the stairs if you like, using the same tool.

07-05-16_2-46-22 PM

Once again, we use the fence tool to make the bridge safe and beautiful.07-05-16_2-48-19 PM

Tip: Add a trim under the bridge for a more polished finish.

07-05-16_2-49-23 PM

Can you see it? It looks much better!

07-05-16_2-50-50 PM

Here’s our bridge!07-05-16_2-52-24 PM

Let’s extend the pool to make it even better!

07-05-16_2-57-17 PM

If you want a pond under the bridge, make sure to check our tutorial on building a pond-pool HERE.

07-05-16_3-15-26 PM

Do you know how I named this one? “It’s Britney, Bridge”.

Have fun creating bridges to make the exteriors of your buildings and your gardens much more agreeable!

I hope this tutorial was as unabridged as possible!


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I am from Macapá, a city by the beautiful Amazon river in the north of Brazil. I have enjoyed The Sims since 2001, when The Sims 1 caught my attention on the shelf, when I was around 18 and had gotten my first paycheck!

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